Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well, this will be SUN-MARKO's final entry for a while. Wizzzmo will be back to share more stories of adventure soon. So while I pack my stuff and head back to my cell in the dungeon, I will give you a peak at these beauties. Fire Agates from the scales of a dragon that picked the wrong wizard to mess with. (Take that Gandalf Scmandalf!!!) The picture really does not do these stones justice, for they are truly a marvel to look at. And I hear there may be more to gaze upon to boot. It has been truly a pleasure to fill in this last week, though I fear once the wizard comes back I shall be taken of the guest appearances for a while as I pale in comparison to Wizzzmo's writing and story-telling skills. So enjoy, thank you for visiting and be rest assured, the content will be better and come back for more goodies that I have shown and much much more, coming in the near future.


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