Monday, April 28, 2014


       I don't know how old you are, but I'll tell you this my friends, there is nothing like being young and full of life. Adventures await you, just remember, only you can be the one to seek out your destiny. May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground. 
       This encapsulated moment in time, happened in my most adventurous youth, in Brewster N.Y. My best friend Bob and I were feeling pretty good, having two beautiful young gals that we met, join us on a cruise out of the city. It was a hot muggy summer night. My 67 Chevy was the party mobile that we were in, when me and Bob decided to do something unexpected, so as to impress the girls. I was only 21 at the time and Bob was a year younger. The perfect time in life to do stupid stuff and think your being cool doing it. We came to the welcome to Brewster sign and parked by the little bridge that went over the water, which flowed about 10ft. down from the road level. As planned, we jumped out of the car without saying anything and proceeded to remove all of our clothing and then jumped off the bridge and into the water without any warning. This worked just great. We stayed afloat in silence, while the girls leaped out of the car and started yelling our names out, wondering just where we were and what was happening. We just waded quietly for at least 5 minutes, till it was time to end this demonstration of mischievousness and enticement. We got back to the car where the girls, now all excited, were waiting to view our nakedness. They loved our act and we had scored big points with our prank. I then opened the trunk so we could get dressed. I had slipped my cutoffs on when Bob said, "hey Ray, why don't you moon this car.?" Approaching us now were some headlights from an unknown vehicle. Even amidst all this mischief, I was still smart enough not to follow Bob's suggestion. Good thing, 'cause it was the cops.
       I was wet and they asked me if I had been swimming, which was not allowed at the bridge. I always had a knack for pushing the envelope and replied accordingly "no, I was just drinking some water and I missed my mouth." They were not pleased with my answer and grumpily told me to get dressed and don't be a wise guy. I complied and we were free to go on with our evening. Close call! What if I had listened to my friend Bob and dropped my drawers to moon the approaching cop car? Wow! What a good decision I made.
       We camped out at the reservoir and had a great time with our dates. Summer was in full swing and life was good.

       Stay young with heart felt memories my friends    Wizzzmo

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