Tuesday, June 2, 2015


     Blogging Town has had it's troubled times. Cannabis Eating Crabs From Outer Space took me to a different region in our vast Universe. Blogging went to shit! Stories got put on hold. Creativity in my humor blogs disappeared. Poof!
      HOWEVER! I've purchased a cam-corder and I will soon be moving in another direction. The first Wizzzmo Show will be coming to my site as soon as I can make my set worthy of what you would expect from the Wizzzmo. That's right, the Grand Wizzzmo Of Cannabistan will soon be in your living room with his music, humor and spirited creativity. You can only wonder what is next, for even I don't know. Your next stop,.............The High Light Zone.

        Keep on Keeping on my friends,      Wizzzmo

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


   Hey now, hope I didn't keep you coming back for emptiness like I've been experiencing. It's now December, Yea!!!!! Maybe I'll have a better time in the cosmic flow of things. Lot's of static interferes with my focus which has been lead astray. I'll try to be a better provider for your entertainment and will also put up a couple of new episodes for my comic (Cannabis eating) CRABS FROM OUTER SPACE.
    SUN-MARKO my head minion and master calabranizer is also healing from the cosmic storm that interfered with his vessel. This anomaly shut down the entire staff at wizzzmo.com.
     So drive like a bat and purr like a cat. The end is near, the end of fear, look toward tomorrow, cast out the sorrow, beg, steal or borrow, it all starts here.

     Welcome home my friends       Wizzzmo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


       If you were acommadating, would you date a question mark? Maybe you might find a semicolon attractive enough to take out. But by all means, stay away from the period for obvious reasons. Oh and by the way be punctual and make my day.,!':;

        Stay warm my friends                Wizzzmo 

Thursday, November 6, 2014


      Hi everybody, how's it going? I will rise up again, but first let me light up this big fat bowl and celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition. 45 years of burning the joint at both ends has made me lazy. I have been taking a break from the blogger and have come out of the fogger to rise up like a puff of smoke and dissipate into thin air. Aye, that I've done captain and like a colloidal suspension I await disbursement to all parts of the galaxy. I will return to cinder any cannabis that cometh my way, because now the far reaches of the universe are in my grasp and reaching out for them is no longer necessary. Celebrate! BURN14ME
       Stay stoned my friends                 Wizzzmo

Friday, October 17, 2014


    Hi everybody. I've been a busy man, trying to get my art and humor ya-yas out. (Cannabis Eating) Crabs From Outer Space, my new comic, has been keeping me busy. I'll be getting back to blogging more stories, humor and poetry very soon. Keep on keeping on my fiends, for more tantalizing stories of my incredible life will be posted for your reading entertainment. I hope to keep you all happy, 'cause when your happy, the whole world is a better place to live in. For all of us. So check out Stone Doubt's, Crabs From Outer Space. They're gonna get right in your face.

     Stay creative my friends, burn one for me.     Wizzzmo

Monday, September 29, 2014


    Yes, I went Saturday to the Hempstalk Festival in downtown Portland. It left me with an angry attitude toward the City of Portland and toward Paul Stanford for even wanting to have it there anyway. The previous years it was held at Kelly Point Park on the Columbia River, a beautiful setting away from the congestion of the city. I heard that for environmental reasons amongst others, that it had to be relocated. How much time was there to find an awesome place (no suggestions) to have this event? I don't know, but to try to stick it right in their face and have it downtown' was just like trying to through a pie in the face of the bureaucracy. Unfortunately they baked their own pie and had it ready for all of us that came there with freedom ringing and birds a singing. We (the general public) were harassed at the entrances, we had lighters confiscated, we were swooped down upon if smoke arose from any one's mouth and were generally treated like criminals. Then, the event was even fenced into two different areas and walking from one area to the other required that you be searched again and again. This was not only an inconvenience for some, but was truly rude and offensive. My good friends of Salem-News.com were searched 10 or more times, even by the same people and they're the media.
     So why downtown? Portland has never had a pie throwing contest of this magnitude. It's just too bad that the faces the pies should have hit were Paul Stanford's and the asshole's who run the City Of Portland. Unfortunately, the faces they really hit were ours. Yours and mine and all the vendors. What a said choice, Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Sheesh
      The vote for legalization is on our doorstep. No matter what the outcome. PLEASE! don't have this event downtown again. We love the outskirts, we've lived on the perimeter and we like it. Let's keep the perimeter of society as our own. Let's just bake pies and eat them, instead of throwing them. I love pot pies.

       Have a voice my friends                 Wizzzmo

Saturday, September 13, 2014


     Once on a late August night, in the high elevations of the Sister's Wilderness, I brought my search for a place to camp, to a halt. I had noticed a dry lake with a giant old growth fallen log majestically lying at rest out in the middle of it. It extended around 200ft.long and was at least 6ft. high in diameter. The sun was setting and a long day was coming to a close. I decided to grab my Armstrong flute and give thanks with my music for an amazing day and welcome the oncoming night. This, at one time in my life, was my daily ritual and on this evening in particular, I felt spiritually as one with mother earth. This inspiration allowed me to find my way to a comfortable sitting position in the middle of this huge log. I then got my flute out of it's case and proceeded to play a series of soft ere notes. The smell of the dry heated pine trees permeated the air with their essence, which then found it's way through my nasal passage and landed softly in my brain. The tingling of my senses, my life aglow with all of it's natural splendor. The soft silence was near deafening and with my eyes closed, I was gently floating in a lofty, heavenly state. The essence of life itself, a gift unshared. The sound of the vibrations created by my life's breath was gently piercing the silence of this densely forested wilderness, of which I was now a part of. A symphony of sound and silence in perfect harmony. I played on for around ten minutes, when suddenly, I realized I had been joined by some of the local bats. It was their time of the evening to come out and feed on tiny insects that would make themselves easy targets at this dusk fallen hour. I was never so at ease under such extreme conditions. With around twenty or more bats fluttering around my head, mesmerized and drawn by my flute playing, I would still manage to play on for at least another ten minutes, before I faded my notes into silence. The bats then slowly dissipated into the air from which they appeared and back to their evening hunt. I never once felt in jeopardy, or for that matter, ever in any danger whatsoever during this wonderful experience. This was a once in a lifetime moment and I will cherish it till the day of reckoning. To be with nature as one, fearless and undaunting.

       It's your life my friend, enjoy!         Wizzzmo