Tuesday, December 2, 2014


   Hey now, hope I didn't keep you coming back for emptiness like I've been experiencing. It's now December, Yea!!!!! Maybe I'll have a better time in the cosmic flow of things. Lot's of static interferes with my focus which has been lead astray. I'll try to be a better provider for your entertainment and will also put up a couple of new episodes for my comic (Cannabis eating) CRABS FROM OUTER SPACE.
    SUN-MARKO my head minion and master calabranizer is also healing from the cosmic storm that interfered with his vessel. This anomaly shut down the entire staff at wizzzmo.com.
     So drive like a bat and purr like a cat. The end is near, the end of fear, look toward tomorrow, cast out the sorrow, beg, steal or borrow, it all starts here.

     Welcome home my friends       Wizzzmo