Friday, February 28, 2014


          NO RULES    The card game born of attitude. Closing the gap between art and the competitive nature of the human race.
                                 Now finally a game  for all you rebels, rule breakers and nonconformists. A game Abby Hoffman would have loved. A game meant for passing your time freely and aimlessly without a care, The card game where your score is meaningless, Yet you score every time you play, The game that tests your imagination and heightens your creativity. Yes my friends you have entered another dimension. NO RULES   No rules, no dice, no spinners to determine your next move. The choice is yours. Let freedom ring! For you and only you hold the key.
                                  Just shuffle the deck, (or not) and maybe cut it, just to see  who's high and your on your way to a better day.    Good luck and have fun.
                                  This remarkable new tool can help you through the galactic fallout which we are experiencing at this time. The duplicating devices are carefully copying each precious card so as you and him and her and they can all have this new 47 card game. Why 47? You'll find out......... NO RULES will be available on sometime this spring.
                Live free my friends                   Wizzzmo


        Take your wizzz here at wizzzmo. It just feels good. Ride my c-saw . Don't get stuck up. Just come on down to wizzzmo for a smile  . Slice.
          Stay thirsty my friends           Wizzzmo         Don't worry Be hippie

Thursday, February 27, 2014


          My Dad was a jack of all trades and a great family provider. He always had a job doing carpentry or construction and was a great mechanic and even an inventor. Anyway....One morning I was having breakfast when my Dad woke up and joined us for pancakes. He was still entranced by the dream he had just woke up from. He said, "Kay I just had this dream and this number...well.. I just know it's gonna come in. Do we have any money?" Well, my Mom was an awesome kinda Mom and only had $1 to buy milk for us kids. There was no way she was giving up that dollar easily. Somehow my Dad was able to make her a believer. Man that dream must have been powerful. We finished breakfast and my Dad was gone with a dollar and a three digit number in his head that he had dreamed.
           In our neighborhood there were many Italiano's and numbers runners. You get 500 -1 on a three digit number which is 1,000-1 true odds. Nice profit for the number takers. Tips on horses at Yonkers raceway came often from the inner family and friends. Everybody played the number and gambled. This was a way of life for many New York Italians, and what I grew up around. This is what my Dad had a dream of. Being so lucky as to hit the number.
            That evening my Dad had been late for dinner and my Mom was worried. He hadn't called or anything. After about an hour my mom was freaking out
when we heard him coming up the stairs. Me and my sister both jumped up and ran to greet him. When the door opened. there he was with a shocked look on
his face."Kay'' he said. "it came in. That's right friends!  My Dad had hit the number he had dreamed of and it was rock-n-roll at the Mancini's
             My Dad asked us all for numbers so as he could see just how lucky he might be. To quote an old wise man. " you'll never know if your on a heater unless you play it" Well this is how my Dad also thought and left the next morning to go to work and play the list of lucky numbers he had jotted down the night before.
              The next night we waited in nervous anticipation for Dad to come home again and see if the lucky numbers we gave him came in. The door opened and there he was again. This time he was really freaked out. He not only hit the number again but this time he had $5 on it. Elementary my dear mathematician
 $2500. Us kids started jumping up and down, Mom and Dad were kissing and hugging us. What a happy time for our family.
             On the third day my Dad took the day off from work. The business he worked for, (Globe waterproofing) was slow and had been up for sale for a while. Hard times. That's why we only had a dollar two days ago. The day went on. We played outside after school and now it was time for dinner. I think we must have had Porterhouse Steaks or something like that for dinner that night. Again my Dad was late. Real late. Mom was OK this time and just relaxed and read her paper. But wait... Hey... Footsteps.... Now the door. Just seeing the amazement on my Mom and Dads faces when they met at the door was enough to realize that he had done it again.  They looked like they had witnessed a miracle. And a miracle in deed it was. Priceless.                                              
             The next day my Dad bought the business he was working for and named it AAA Waterproofing. This is how my Dad got into his own business. Incredible. I always wondered but never knew just how much money he hit for on that third day. The business supported our family for the rest of my Mom and Dad's lives. I sure love this memory and hope you enjoyed reading it.
                Enjoy your families my friends              Wizzzmo


         I once new a man with a heart of stone, who also had a palm-a-granite. What iron knee.
         Mario said he was a pacifist. He was. He tried to pass a fist right passed my nose.
          Wow! Damon a!     Spelled backwards is.   Well... you know.
          My Italian friend Rocco went to the Island of Jamaica and met this beautiful Island goddess. They fell in love and had a child. A cute little Pastafarian
           Yreka Bakery    Spelled backwards is      Common you can do it.
           Race car      spelled backwards is    race car      Zooooooom!
           Nick had a son and named him Richard. While having dinner last night my girl asked me "just who is that nice looking young man over there?" I replied, " that's Richard, Nix Son."
           No x in Nixon     Spelled backwards is      You guessed it my friends
            Stay thirsty my friends                Wizzzmo

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


       As I speak. another child is being born. Another web birth is incredibly  taking place. Forming its self into one the many sites you may journey to. May your journey take you beyond the barriers and into my new home on the web. Stories of my incredibly lucky life will be etched in stone so as time cannot wash them away. My head minion is working his fingers and mind to the bone. The head bones connected to the neck bone. The neck bones connected to the.....  stop!...... What a bonehead......! Anyway......A wizards power can only go so far or do so much. The rest must be accomplished by allowing the stars in his celestial encapsulation to forever shine on his new domain. The minion star is one that so brightly shines. This is the way of the worlds.
        Please ,my friends. Let us welcome to the galaxy with open arms.......   The new kid on the blog.
                 STAY WITH ME MY FRIENDS               WIZZZMO

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


           It's been one week and this is fun. Hope you are enjoying some of my sweetest memories. More stories videos and jokes are not even a light year away. May all your travels be adventures and all your adventures be good ones.
            Stay Thirsty My Friends           Wizzzmo


         Sometime back around the mid 80s, I lived in Newport ,Oregon. Those were the days of cocaine and gold tequila. The Pip Tides, A local hangout which featured live music, poker, black jack and lots of action, was closing that night. Times were tough due to stupid spending of my cash on drugs and alcohol. I had about $150 left and was not working at the time. Another big guy like myself would be the all night host for after hours parties the happened nightly. I was burnt out and needed a change. I suggested we take off for Reno. I had heard through the grapevine that my friends' house was under surveillance and leaving town was a no brainer.
           We left that morning and arrived at the Peppermill the same evening. $150 was my total BR (bankroll) as we settled in. The first few days I just played poker, my most skillful game. I had the BR up to about $450 when I called a Keno runner to the table. I was playing for about 5 hours and the night was still young.
           About 5 or 6 years earlier I had played a Keno ticket for 8 straight hours and on a whim decided to stop playing being the new Keno runner was not as cute as the previous. This was fatefully a real bad move for the very next game all 6 numbers so painfully appeared. 3 numbers. 4 numbers, 5 numbers and then, I yelled no...! loudly as the 6th appeared. That's right my friends. The very next game. $1500 that I really needed at the time was not to be. This also happened to my mom years ago and now me. Sheash, what luck.(THE BAD)
           The evening went on and Keno was going like Keno usually does. I was playing a 6 spot special ticket. The same numbers I had played 6 years earlier. They were 1, 11, 22, 8, 9, and 19. The same club. The same numbers. There I was. The ticket, if it were to hit, would pay $90 for 5 numbers and $4444 for all 6 to come in. It was about 4:00 in the morning. I had been playing poker and Keno for about 8 or 9 hours at this time.The Keno runner stood beside me and sweated yet another ticket. Three, 4, then 5 numbers up. Upon counting down how many numbers were called, the Keno runner was going to go get my $90 win. I then noticed only 19 had been called. Holy smoke!!! At that same moment the 6th number appeared, Number 11 glowed brightly. I had won $4444.00. Yahoo! holy shit! wow! Revenge! But this story is not over.  (THE GOOD)
            Two nights later I was at the MGM as it was called at the time. I played 10 games running, The same numbers. This ticket cost $1.25 per game. If all 6 came in it would be another $2500. I ran into International Al a poker player and horse handicapper. He had a horse that he really liked and was on his way to make a bet. I joined him. While trying to decide how much to bet I thought about the Keno ticket I had ignored for so long. I gave Al $100 And said,"Bet the horse for me. $60 to win and 2 Twenty dollar exactas." I ran out into the long giant room and could hardly make out the board. As I got close enough to see, it looked like, "holy shit," there they were. All 6 numbers again. I had won another $2500. After getting my picture taken so as I could send it to my family, I went to find Al. There he was. I said, "hey I hit another Keno ticket" He said, "man you are really lucky. The horse came in too." I had won another $900.
             Another two nights passed and I was at the MGM once more. Again I played my lucky numbers and got into a 15-30 hold-em game. The Keno board was right in front of me this time. I was deeply engrossed in the game when I realized I was still playing Keno. I looked abruptly up at the board. Unbelievable! all 6 numbers again. Another $2500. I had accumulated over $10,000 in winnings in about 6 days.    (REAL GOOD)
              This was the first time in my life that I had $10,000. My options were expanded. I left Reno to go back to Oregon and maybe buy an old school bus and live the hippie dream. Babes, parties, Dead shows. Man was I disillusioned. Unfortunately I found a 1963, 36ft. International school bus that had been customized for $4000. I tried to help save a friend who was strung out and took him with me on a road trip from hell. In 6 and a half weeks I was back in Oregon with $150 to my name. What a whirlwind. But that's another story.      (THE UGLY)    
             STAY LUCKY MY FRIENDS               Wizzzmo

Monday, February 24, 2014


         Brewster was a little town just over the border from Danbury Conn. At least that is how you would describe it if you were from Danbury. Young people who lived in Conn. would come to drink liquor in Brewster often on the weekends, 'cause the drinking age was 21 in Conn. and only 18 in N.Y. This was one of those weekends.
         At the time I owned a 1967 Chevelle Malibu and was cruising 'round the back roads with 3 other guys. We of coarse were getting stoned on some of that great Columbian I had a connection for. The best and laughingest pot ever. I handed the five remaining joints to one of my colleges to hold on to for me. Shit!...I didn't want it in my possession.
          We arrived at the Hunt Club and man it was packed. Lots of Connecticut plates. Lots of locals were there that night too.
           The hunt club was owned by Mrs. Hunt who had a fox for a daughter, Michelle, and Gene a blatant homosexual who used to tend bar. The place was smoky and noisy all the time. Someone who I knew came up to me and said," The pigs are out there messing with your car, you better go see what's happening." I had gotten three joints back from Mark a few minutes earlier but one was still missing.So I then went outside to check out what was going on.
            Lights were flashing when I arrived at my car. I asked what was wrong and was quickly asked if this was my vehicle. "Yes " I said. Then he ordered me to open the door. I complied being I had no rights whatsoever back in 1970. Upon opening the door my eyes saw the worst thing possible. The missing joint,right there on the floor. I'm busted, went racing through my mind. Jail, lawyers,my parents, my freedom! I'm fucked.
             Then with one felt swoop he hastily pushed me out of his way and with the other hand went right to my overhead visor. That's when a miracle occurred. I had put a bag of peanut M&Ms up there earlier knowing I would be able to satisfy the munchies later that night. That bag (And this ain't no shit Sherlock) as he pulled down the visor, fell right on top of that joint. Shit ass luck as they say. He then looked down suddenly and could only see that bag of M&Ms. He continued his search and found nothing that he was looking for.  Good thing he didn't have the munchies. He still made me move my car. That asshole! Then I went back in to the Hunt Club and got wasted on Jose' Cuervo Gold drivers and smoked the rest of the Gold Columbian out back. I guess it was a golden night for me.

             Stay tuned for more Brewster stories.           Drink up my friends           Wizzzmo


           Well... I never was real good at listening to authority, so there we were me and my best friend Bobby Appleholm with a different group of girls that came up from Untermyer Park with us that day. Two of the girls were Ann and Janis, a couple of Dead Heads we knew from Yonkers. My friend Bob and I were real good at this. The country (upstate N.Y.) was a great lure for them city girls we met up at the park. And I with my hippie van always had lots of room for young maidens.
            So... There we were skinny dipping with these beautiful girls. Smoking Columbian. Just having a wonderful time when.... You guessed it. The New York State Police appear from out of the bushes. Luckily one of the girls had hidden the stash so at least that wasn't an issue. They had my license plate number from last time we were there and said that we were under arrest for skinny dipping in the Reservoir. We then had to follow them to the station so as they could book us and set a court date. I'm sure glad they let us go on our own re-cog. Having to stay would have sucked.
              Back then it didn't seem to be a problem that the three girls were all 17. I was 20. Bob was 19. Big deal! And there shouldn't have been a problem as far as I was concerned. We were just swimming. Well... you know.
              When it was time to go to court Bob and I showed up dressed nice but not overboard nice. Then it was time to meet the parents of the three Jewish Princesses we had so foully shared our nakedness with. Man, the looks we got at first were not good. But when the judge just gave us a verbal spanking and said he didn't want to see us again. We were all very happy. The girls went back to the city and me and Bob went swimming.
              Stay free my friends            Wizzzmo


          Once upon a time in Brewster, N.Y. I was swimming with a group of friends at a great little swimming hole in Sodom Reservoir. There were about 7 of us enjoying the cool water just around the bend from Interstate 680. Where we were sort of not visible from passing motorists. And never had a problem before. We always went skinny dipping at this spot and my friend Flora and I decided to escape from the group and find some privacy. There was a spillway that was really flowing good that day and we were able to walk underneath the flowing water to the other side without being seen from the freeway.
          On the other side we found a nice little nook between some bushes near the small dirt service road and diddled away about an hour. We were only about 100ft. from the single green barred locked gate when I thought..., Wow! wouldn't that be a kick to hitchhike naked on the interstate. Flora was all for it so there we went. We stood proudly side by side with our thumbs outstretched. Big smiles on our faces Man, you could here breaks locking, wheels squealing, tires grabbing the pavement. They weren't stoppng. Oh no! And the look on some of their faces saying "What the f....." I thought that we'd better get back to our clothes and our friends. We had been gone too long.
            Upon approaching the spillway, that we went under on the way over. I like that, under on the way over. Nice! Thats when we noticed the cops waiting on the other side. We knew the jig was up. And hurried our way back on top of the spillway. My best friend Bob Appleholm (who I had left behind with the rest of the girls) was waiting with our clothes. I quickly through my cut-offs on. Hey! cut-offs on. That's nice too. And went to talk to the police. I was usually the spokesman for the group being I was the oldest and it was my license plate that they had checked out. I was told that they got a couple of reports that there were naked people on the highway and that they would be a lot happier if we didn't swim at this spot, because it was just too close to the highway. We happily agreed and were able to leave with just a friendly warning.
             Brewster is a place where many major good times were had. Many more stories of adventure and great escapes from them pesky cops,( that could do just about anything they wanted back then) await you my followers.
             Stay naked my friends.              Wizzzmo

Sunday, February 23, 2014



         I, for many years had a route that I would travel. The third week of June was Weiser Idaho Old Time Fiddlers Contest and gathering. I had been attending the event for some years now and had a family of friends I would meet up with every year. WE would camp up at Manns Creek Reservoir about 10 miles out of town where we would have the coolness of water to swim in every day. Most days were 90 degrees and cooling off was a necessity
          This year would be a little different than previous ones. The Rainbow Gathering was in the mountains just outside of Counsel, Idaho. There would be a different added group of travelers passing through this year.
          So here's how I got the magic bean.
          I fell asleep in the lower parking lot closest to the water that night.The sun was hot early that morning when I opened my side doors. WoW! right in front of me, as I sit naked, is a beautiful girl standing in her birthday suit combing her hair. Her hair was past her knees. Dark and flowing. I said "good morning" in a sort of musical way. Smiling widely back she said "good morning"in the same kinda way. Thrilled by surprise I invited her into my vessel and we then proceeded to get ripped on some good ganja. We became intimate friends for the next few days.We were like two shooting stars upon colliding creating a celestial event of major proportions. The gathering was coming up quickly and she had to go to get an early spot. I understood and said I would try to find her at the gathering for I was not quite done with Weiser yet.
           This is where I was given the magic Jamaican bean, along with other trinkets she found on her trippin' around the globe. I, from my heart gave her a copper carved flute that I had cherished, and a few lessons that she received from me the previous days. Those were beautiful and memorable days. We hugged and glowed as we shot  back off into the universe.
            We never found each other at the gathering, for all it did was pour down buckets of rain. Man,... that was another adventure getting out of there. But,...   That's another story.
             Stay cozy my friends           Wizzzmo


            If you haven't red the previous poker story, Please do so first, for it is important that you do.
            SO here i am, seeking out a larger game, when on the next night I end up in Lake Tahoe. Ah yes a 10-20 game. I bought in for a few hundred and sat down in the middle seat. The only seat open. Upon placing my chips down on the table I brought out my lucky bean from Jamaica and put it down right next to my chips as I had done the previous day. Again a rude move by a fellow player. Again the bean is relocated without even asking if he could see it. Again I said " don't touch it! It's cursed!" And proceeded to tell him what happened to the last guy who grabbed my magic lucky bean. I knew this player really well and allowed him to keep the bean in front of him while he tried to be a non-believer. His chips were decimated as he bought another rack.Another $500. He still possessed the charm even though his chips were disappearing rapidly in the game. He was determined to win a hand and show me superstition was just superstition. Quickly and definitively the spell finished him off. He went bust. Belly up.  $900 later all that remained in front of him was the bean. He politely handed it back to me and left in a subdued state of mind. Shock and awe was bestowed upon our doubter. I never seen him again.
             Who gave me this bean? Well... That's another story

               Stay lucky my friends               Wizzzmo


           As I began my travels I needed cash along the way. One skill that came natural to me was poker. My psychic powers that were passed down from my mom were evidently present even more when playing cards.
           Here is one of many of my favorites.
           Early in my poker career, I was down in Reno. Harolds club had a 3-6 hold-em game that I thought I might sit in on. My seat was open and I sat down. As I had done many times before, I placed a lucky trinket (or in this case a lucky bean from Jamaica) in front of me on the table. I played a hand or two when suddenly the guy sitting next to me rudely reached over and grabbed my bean. I ominously said "don't touch it." He responded in his Latino accent, "yea... right it's supposed to be cursed or something?" I then allowed him to place it on his cards while the hand was played.
           The flop was an 8-2-5 . Being the first to act he checked and then called a random bet from late position. He had pocket 8s and was setting a trap for the turn. The turn card was a 7. He bet out and was raised by the hand to his left. He re-raised and his now only opponent capped it. It was now heads up. The final card was a 7 which paired the board. The board now read (8-2-5-7-7)He bet out knowing he had the best full house possible. His opponent raised  He raised back. Then a re-raise. Being heads up there were no more limits on the amount of raises you can make and he was now all in for his remaining chips. The hand were flipped over 8s full he muttered. His opponent turned his cards over he had pocket 7s giving him 4 of a kind. Four 7s. With shock and horror written all over his face he flung my bean back to me and ran out of the room scared out of his skin. Man was he freaked out!
            The moral of this story is don't be rude and never grab a wizzzards bean without permission.
            Stay thirsty my friends          Wizzzmo

Saturday, February 22, 2014



                 It's so nice to get stoned again
                 It's great to light up
                 When your nerves are at end
                 It takes the edge off
                 So what if you cough
                 Just don't be a pig you dig my friend?
                 It's so nice to get stoned again
                                        Stay Stony My Friends

Friday, February 21, 2014


    In my younger 20s I still lived at home with my parents and younger sister in Yonkers N.Y. We had a few Beagles as pets in our childhood. But after my sisters nightmare dog was booted out from the house. It was going to be a tough sell to get a dog back in my parents good graces.        One summer day I went up to Untermyer Park as I had done quite often. This early 60s and 70s hippie hangout was incredible. The deceased owner of the estate was heavily in to the occult as graciously portrayed in the mosaics and statues that were on display throughout the estate. An Italian mosaic of the Medusa surrounded by zodiac sings was displayed just under the carved stone marble columns. These beautiful gardens were completely surrounded by 12 to 15ft walls encapsulating all this magnificent art. All of this needed restoration, for the 60s were a destructive time for the open to the public Untermyer estate.       This is where I met my first traveling companion and future copilot. A Chinese girl that frequented the park had brought a new dog up with her that afternoon. He was cool. Apparently he thought it was time to find his way out into the world beyond. Kay told me he was part of a large litter of pups in a garage in down town Getty Square. He just decided to vacate a bad situation and followed her home. All the way home to her house a few miles away. She really liked him and would have kept him if not for her parents whom she also lived with.So there we were. I wanted him but knew my mom was done with dogs for a while. As the hours passed and the flickering light of day was fading, there were still no takers. It was getting late when Kevin Como, a real jerk, appeared and said he would take him. Well.....That wasn't gonna happen. There was no way I was letting the coolest dog ever (As I was soon to find out) live his life with such an A-hole.  I yelled " Hey! You said I could have him Kay. Don't you remember? I said I'd take him" So me and my new buddy took off and went to meet mom and dad. " Sorry Kevin."   The ride home was just getting to know my new friend and letting him know he could trust me. His girlfriend he followed home was now gone. On arriving home I was greeted at the front door by my dad. My dad was the coolest dad that there ever was. He loved my new sidekick and helped me out convincing my mom to give him a chance. He seemed to be a pretty cool dog so my mom said alright.    I was going to be leaving home soon and needed a traveling partner. I named him Orion like the constellation. The one I always seemed to look up at whenever I looked up. I tied a red bandanna around his neck and we were off. Inseparable friends till the end. After teaching him a few things I realized Orion was in need of a name change. Saying Orion was not as direct as Ryan . Dogs can really relate to that rrrrrrrrrh when teaching them rrrright from rrrrrong. Going back to Untermyer's was awesome with my new partner who would wind up to be one of the best Frisbee dogs on the planet. We would tire out a whole park full of disc slingers daily. But now it was time to go on my first big adventure. Leaving New York to go out west . I climbed into my 1st of many hippie vans with Kay Ho,Ryan and a good friend Frank D'Avanzo. We then departed Yonkers to seek our destinies.  We were so boldly gone.   SWOOSH.....away      FREEDOM ! FREEDOM ! FREEDOM !    Good bye New York     Hello whatever comes our way .            Stay thirsty my friends        Wizzzmo 

Drawing of the gazebo at Untermyer Park on the Hudson River
drawing by: Raymo Mancini 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


We are under construction .So please bare with us as I figure out the visual desirable for your eyes to absorb. There are many worlds that I have traveled with my side kicks Ryan and Kid the tree climbing dog. Both lived to be 18yrs old and were great copilots. Video and stories of my K9 companions will be at your finger tips . Just keep coming back to Wizzzmo and be satisfied.     Stay thirsty my friends           Wizzzmo


Here are a couple jokes for you all.    How come the lifeguard couldn't save the drowning hippie?     "cause he was to far out man"                 I can tell this joke being a New York Italian.           I said to my doctor     "Hey doc I keep forgetting a lot of things these days. I'm really worried. What will I do if I get Alzheimers Disease."           He replied.         Hey!.......    Forgeta bout it        Stat thirsty my friends            Wizzzmo 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


      My first story of my journey starts on Christmas day of 1951. I first set eyes on this world at 4:45 pm. My mom had 2 miscarriages before me. So my mom and dad were on cloud9.  Joy to the world! A child is born. Christmas in Harlem N.Y. had an extra twinkle in the sky. Me.   We lived in an old apt. house of three or four floors with a stoop out front that everybody hung around. Mixed nationalities flourished in Harlem in the 50s.Italian,Irish,Puerto Ricans,and Blacks shared neighborhoods around us. My mom and I always had umbilical mind power and we never really needed to talk to communicate.       The first evidence of these powers came on a hot summer day. I was in my crib crying as I apparently did quite often as a colic baby. My mom said she would often let me cry it out and was letting me do so when a feeling came over her. She rushed into the room and grabbed me from the crib. On briskly exiting the room, she barely reached the foyer when the ceiling above collapsed right into the crib.She saved my life.If not for that amazing moment of clarity, this blog would never had been. My mom and I shared countless moments of mental telepathy in our lives and as I write this, I know she is listening. I'm in tears. must go.          Stay thirsty my friends         Wizzzmo                    .                                                                                                                                   


    Here I am. Blogging like a hurricane. Making this up in the rain. Tapping right into my bray-hay-ain.      Check it out .  My good friend said I should have a blog. I then asked her."What is a blog? Well I guess this is it. Yahoo! I am a blogging wizard. Please stay tuned for future stories of my exciting life and journey through the galaxy. Stories,music, jokes,photos and whatever else this blogging stuff lets me do. Stay thirsty my friends.     Wizzzmo