Wednesday, April 30, 2014


     Hello friends,
  I hope you have been enjoying my blogs. My aim is to entertain and has given me the avenue to do so. However, I have much more for you to enjoy, such as videos, index pages, art gallery, C.D. offerings with sound bites and the same daily blogs you have been attending with much more much more to come. Please, if you have not done so already, visit my home site, It will expand your universe and take you far beyond the blogspot. May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on

 Thanks a lot and remember to,
      Quench your thirst my friends       Wizzzmo

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  It was a hot summers day in Utah
   I was cruising in my van,
    when up ahead on the roadside was a police man
  He was board of the average tourist,
   so when he got to me,
    his eyes lit up like a flashlight, in a dark alley
  He asked me for my license and registration too,
    but when he grabbed the roach-clip,
     I just knew that I was through
  He said, son, this is possession,
   an illegality and if you like tomorrows,
    you'll just give the rest to me
  So, they brought me to the courthouse,
   the Monticello jail and by the looks of that place
    I just hoped I'd have the bail
  Innocent or guilty, the judge spoke out to me,
    I'm guilty, yes, your honor,
     won't you please set me free?
  Well, he sat and contemplated
    and then he set the bail,
     he said, $500 would just get me out of jail
   So I looked inside my wallet and lucky for me,
     was a yellow card that stated,
      get out of jail free
   He said you must be kidding, this ain't no monopoly
     I want to see them greenbacks
      that U.S. currency
    (all I had was $20 travelers checks, one date
      and signature per check)

    Well, my hands they got so tired, my fingers needed rest,
     days later I was reimbursed,
      for them stolen travelers checks

    Stay smart my friends      Wizzzmo

Monday, April 28, 2014


       I don't know how old you are, but I'll tell you this my friends, there is nothing like being young and full of life. Adventures await you, just remember, only you can be the one to seek out your destiny. May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground. 
       This encapsulated moment in time, happened in my most adventurous youth, in Brewster N.Y. My best friend Bob and I were feeling pretty good, having two beautiful young gals that we met, join us on a cruise out of the city. It was a hot muggy summer night. My 67 Chevy was the party mobile that we were in, when me and Bob decided to do something unexpected, so as to impress the girls. I was only 21 at the time and Bob was a year younger. The perfect time in life to do stupid stuff and think your being cool doing it. We came to the welcome to Brewster sign and parked by the little bridge that went over the water, which flowed about 10ft. down from the road level. As planned, we jumped out of the car without saying anything and proceeded to remove all of our clothing and then jumped off the bridge and into the water without any warning. This worked just great. We stayed afloat in silence, while the girls leaped out of the car and started yelling our names out, wondering just where we were and what was happening. We just waded quietly for at least 5 minutes, till it was time to end this demonstration of mischievousness and enticement. We got back to the car where the girls, now all excited, were waiting to view our nakedness. They loved our act and we had scored big points with our prank. I then opened the trunk so we could get dressed. I had slipped my cutoffs on when Bob said, "hey Ray, why don't you moon this car.?" Approaching us now were some headlights from an unknown vehicle. Even amidst all this mischief, I was still smart enough not to follow Bob's suggestion. Good thing, 'cause it was the cops.
       I was wet and they asked me if I had been swimming, which was not allowed at the bridge. I always had a knack for pushing the envelope and replied accordingly "no, I was just drinking some water and I missed my mouth." They were not pleased with my answer and grumpily told me to get dressed and don't be a wise guy. I complied and we were free to go on with our evening. Close call! What if I had listened to my friend Bob and dropped my drawers to moon the approaching cop car? Wow! What a good decision I made.
       We camped out at the reservoir and had a great time with our dates. Summer was in full swing and life was good.

       Stay young with heart felt memories my friends    Wizzzmo

Saturday, April 26, 2014


       Back in the very early 80's, Newport, Oregon was a gambling town. Taverns and bars all had some form of social gaming to offer. Games like 4-5-6, a dice game, blackjack, poker and Pan were amongst the games offered. Poker was my bag, however I was known to gamble at the other games, of which I had less of an edge. I was an aggressive player and many feared my wrath. My game was multidimensional, but was still a work study in progress.
       On one late night, after hours, the only poker action was hosted by the Wrangler, a local bar.  Jack, Kay and Jim Briggs all were partners in this after hours game, which was a $5 limit hold-em game with no blinds and a dollar anti. I was playing in the game for a couple of hours and was having nothing go my way. Sitting next to me, on my left, was a great player in his time, named Disco Eddie. Eddie and I got into a conversation about how sometimes, in Coos Bay, he would go get this stuffed toy, he had named juggles and sit the toy by his chips and try to create a new persona for his game. I quickly digested this info and went out in the parking lot to get my creation, which I had named Headly many years ago. Headly was a name that I gave to an art creation, born of clay, that I had formed with my hands, back in the 8th grade. He had a dark look and had one eye, which was an agate I had found on the beach one day. The eye looked real and gave some people the creeps. Sometimes I would say, that's Headly's keeping an eye out for you, just to be humorous. So, I introduced my creation to the group and placed it on the table to my right. What was to happen next, would make poker history.
       I asked if Headly could be dealt in. I told everyone, that he would only call, never raise and never fold. Seemingly harmless and no threat to the game, they dealt Headly in. It was a twenty dollar buy-in, so that's what I purchased, twenty one dollar chips. I then shoved the two cards that were dealt to the head, under it's chin and commenced to play. The flop brought an A-K-6 and the betting began. There was a bet and a call, when it was time for Headly to act. I grabbed five chips, the amount of the minimum and maximum bet, then turned to the better and in an ominous and airy voice said, "Headly calls,"as I gracefully laced the chips into the pot. The lead better, was an old veteran of the game and was holding a pretty big hand going into the turn. The turn card was a 2(duce). With no threat to the hand, the lead better, Jim Fish, a slobbering drunk, whose popularity was way down in the charts, dribbled his chips into the pot. Again, I said, "Headly calls," with an even more threatening witch-like airy voice. The table of players were captivated with my antics and were participating as puppet-like characters in this developing saga, which they were largely part of. Finally, the last card appeared, another 6 hit the river and paired the board, which now read, A-K-6-2-6 of varying suites. The last bet was made and again Headly called and was now all in for the four bets of $5. The hands were revealed and the best hand at the time, was shown to be A-K, big slick, top two pair. Jim Fish was the proud possessor of this big duke, but know it was time to see what Headly's two cards were. I said tauntingly, "let's see what Headly's got Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim," in an expressive and rather challenging voice.  Jim sat just to Headly's immediate right. I quickly removed the two cards from under the chin of Headly, only to flash a 4 for all to see, a nothing card. Now Headly was down to his last card and it had to be a six. The anticipation was killing Fish, so as to make things even more excruciating, I said, "lets squeeze it together, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiim." I brought the cards closer to both of our visions and slowly started to squeeze the cards. I never squeezed a card so slowly in my life, as then. The top of the number had to be round, not like an 8 or a Q or it was all over, then it had to be wide on top, only a 2, a 6, or a 9 had these qualities. I squeezed on, only to slowly and painfully reveal the top of that rounded card, which then was broken on the right, exasperatingly, I had uncovered a 6 and Jim's jaw lost all muscular control. Headly had been dealt, three of a kind. He had just won his first pot. Jim Fish was destroyed and had to have another drink. He sat drooping and muttering something I couldn't understand, while the game continued on. I stacked Headly's chips and they dealt him another hand. Anytime anyone would bet, I'd would say fearlessly, "Headly calls," as I gazed with piercing eyes, at his betting opponent. Yes, they were under my thumb and in my power, fearing the worst and in turn, having their fears unravel right before their very eyes. Headly drug pot, after pot, after pot. I had built a shrine of chips around my 8th grade creation, it was hideous and now, I was even scolding Headly whenever he called with absolutely nothing. He was totally animated and seemingly alive. What a rush we were all experiencing, by a mere calling station, a clay creation with no conscience or soul. Pretty scary to some, poker phenomena to me. Another stretch of reality, cosmic creativity beyond randomness had been achieved.
        As the game continued, the fearful field of players was now checking to Headly, of which he could only call. I was also with a hand, so when they all checked, I figured Headly must have the best hand, so I bet it for him, from my spot. Pretty cleaver but kinda like cheating. Nobody had a clue, so I continued playing without conscience.  Then, it seemed, whenever Headly was not winning the pot, I was. I got even in a game that I was stuck about $200. Not to mention Headly having a truckload of checkers piled around him, that were still uncounted. Well........ all rushes have to end and Headly's strategy was not working anymore. He was calling with complete and utter garbage and was playing too loose, so I cashed him and myself out. After an hour or so of ferocious play, Headly's profit was tallied up to be over $450. I also cashed out winning chips. Together, with the two cash-outs, I staked claim to over $600 in winnings between me and my counterpart that night. Magical, mystical, mayhem ruled that evening and I'm sure that the people who played in that hold-em game, on that night, will never forget the time that Headly came to town.

       Stay lucky my friends           Wizzzmo       

Friday, April 25, 2014


        What did one pregnant galaxy say to the other?............I think I'm gonna have a Sun..........ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!
         I once knew a man that was so cheap, that if he seen a sign saying free ass kicks, he'd rush to be the first one in line.
         I've been having reservations about making a reservation on the reservation at the Wild Horse Casino, this up and coming poker tournament. After all, those bells and loud slot machines, might be too much for a quiet and reserved man such as myself. 
         Holding back information that the war was finally over and we had won, was in fact, a victorious secret.
         How pungent was that pun? I know........ it stunk!
         Amore, Roma   Spelled backwards is.   Amore, Roma
         Don't you love it?  That's a nice!  Cio

       Stay happy my friends                Wizzzmo

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


       Way back in 1970 outside of the town of Brewster, was a great spot for lots of under aged kids to go drinking. This was called Dean's Corners. I always referred to it as the steps. Just before you turned off the road to go to Dean's Corners, was a spillway that controlled the water level of the reservoir. The water would cascade down these man made steps and was a visual delight, from the road which I traveled on, coming and going to the city every weekend. 
        I owned a 1967 Chevelle Malibu and was out partying with my best friend Bobby Appleholm, when we heard there was a party at Dean's Corners. I had just picked up an emergency light that was meant for fires and ambulances. It was red and turned around like the cop lights back then. We knew that the party was in full gear, with loads of under aged kids, when I had an idea enter my concocting mischievous mind. I had suggested that we put the light on top of my car and turn the brights on and off, as we speed down the gravel and dirt road, to the unsuspecting tinnie boppers. Bob agreed to the plan, so off we drove. We lit up the road and was approaching at State Trooper speed, all you could see was a swarm of drunk kids scurry up to the top of the hill,up near the RR tracks. They were falling over each other like in a cartoon. What a crack up! That's when we came to a screeching halt. Bob got out and yelled "SUCKERS". This pissed off the partakers and they started coming down the hill. That's when I sped off leaving my friend Bob behind. What an asshole I was, but I wasn't gonna leave him, just scare him a little. The army of pissed off drinkers started coming faster down the hill. Bob caught up with plenty of time to spare and we were out of there. We laughed so hard that my ribs were sore from uncontrollable laughter. What a prank, what a great time in my life, what a great friend Bob was. I sure miss him.

    Celebrate good times my friends         Wizzzmo         

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


     So I said to Suzy;" Hey Suzy! What would happen if your Shih Tzu and my Jack Russel Terrier were to have pups?"      Well...  They'd have Jack Shit Sue.
      Just how gross are your groceries?
A Toyotas a toyota ( Backwards is ) A Toyotas  a Toyota
      Never even          Never odd or even
No sign in evening is on    +    Rotator   Are all PALS SLAP

      WARNING!!!  25% Of all women in this country are on some sort of medication for mental illness.   This is extremely scary 'cause that means 75% are running around untreated.

       Be careful my friends       Wizzzmo


         I once new a man with a heart of stone, who also had a palm-a-granite. What iron knee. 
         Mario said he was a pacifist. He was. He tried to pass a fist right passed my nose.
          Wow! Damon a!     Spelled backwards is.   Well... you know.
          My Italian friend Rocco went to the Island of Jamaica and met this beautiful Island goddess. They fell in love and had a child. A cute little Pastafarian
           Yreka Bakery    Spelled backwards is      Common you can do it.
           Race car      spelled backwards is    race car      Zooooooom!
           Nick had a son and named him Richard. While having dinner last night my girl asked me "just who is that nice looking young man over there?" I replied, " that's Richard, Nix Son."
           No x in Nixon     Spelled backwards is      You guessed it my friends
            Stay thirsty my friends                Wizzzmo

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Have a Happy 420/Easter!!!

                                            Stay thirsty my friends,

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well, this will be SUN-MARKO's final entry for a while. Wizzzmo will be back to share more stories of adventure soon. So while I pack my stuff and head back to my cell in the dungeon, I will give you a peak at these beauties. Fire Agates from the scales of a dragon that picked the wrong wizard to mess with. (Take that Gandalf Scmandalf!!!) The picture really does not do these stones justice, for they are truly a marvel to look at. And I hear there may be more to gaze upon to boot. It has been truly a pleasure to fill in this last week, though I fear once the wizard comes back I shall be taken of the guest appearances for a while as I pale in comparison to Wizzzmo's writing and story-telling skills. So enjoy, thank you for visiting and be rest assured, the content will be better and come back for more goodies that I have shown and much much more, coming in the near future.


Thursday, April 17, 2014


My Mother, gave birth to me during the dark times of the 70's. OK, maybe it wasn't so dark, but to hear the way she told it, it was. And she LOVED to remind me that she went through 72 hours of labor to deliver me, especially when she wanted to guilt me into doing something for her that I would not necessarily want to do. So that is the tale of the birth of Mark. Fast forward Forty very un-glamorous years later, and again it is a dark time in this world, (Ok, maybe not that dark, but hey, I was a doom and gloom type of guy at the time), when a colorful wizard crossed my path. The great wizard with mystical energies abound, turned my life around. He showed me the true power of green. Sending me on a trip on the Magical Mystery Bus Tour, I became aware of how I was being a big baby about all the doom and gloom that I perceived in my life. I became aware that I was alive and was thankful that I was. Thankful for my wife and children, and thankful for my friends. So my rise to Head Minion may have started like any other minion, dark with no future. But by the grace of the Great and Powerful Wizzzmo, I was chosen for greatness. See, I have a background of technical skills. By far though, I am not an expert in any true sense of the word, for if I was I would being living on a island somewhere by now. However I have enough skills to create a great and wonderful web site for a great man, nay, not just a man, but a great treasure of this universe. I truly believe that everyone should share in the marvel that is my friend and Master. Wizzzmo has truly changed my life for the better. Providing me with a purpose that I enjoy. I love waking in the morning to see the stories and tales of adventure that Wizzzmo shares, and trust me, there are more to come. There are stories that I have been blessed to hear that have not yet been shared. I have seen the pile of notepads with many more stories, poems, and songs that have yet to be shared even with me. So one day, after starting this site, I was granted audience with the great wizard,where through a secret ceremony, I was dubbed "SUN-MARKO". Head Minion and keeper of the faith!!!



Dammit I'm mad
Evil is a deed as I live.
God, am I reviled?
I rise, my bed on a sun, I melt.
To be not one man emanating is sad. I piss.
Alas it is so late. Who stops to help? Man, it is hot.

I'm in it.
I tell.
I am not a devil.
I level "Mad Dog".

Ah, say burning is as a deified gulp
in my halo of a mired rum tin.
I erase many men. Oh, to be man, a sin.
Is evil in a clam? In a trap?
No. It is open.
On it I was stuck.

Rats peed on hope.
Elsewhere dips a web.
Be still if I fill its ebb.
Ew, a spider ... eh?
We sleep.

Oh no!
Deep, stark cuts saw it in one position.
Part animal, can I live? Sin is a name.
Both, one ... my names are in it. Murder?
I'm a fool. A hymn I plug,
Deified as a sign in ruby ash - a Goddam level I lived at.

On mail let it in. I'm it.
Oh, sit in ample hot spots.
Oh, wet!
A loss it is alas (sip). I'd assign it a name.
Name not one bottle minus an ode by me:
"Sir, I deliver. I'm a dog."
Evil is a deed as I live.
Dammit I'm mad.

The palindrome above was written by Demetri Martin in 1995. Thank You for your contributions.

                                            Stay thirsty my friends,


Monday, April 14, 2014


Wandering this wasteland I used to call life, Wishing and dreaming for more. I used to pray everyday for something to happen, something magical. And then came the Grand Wizzzmo, taking a pause in his journeys, settling into what would be the apartment next door, a chance meeting if you will. Somehow I missed the smile from him as we parted that first day. We moved in two weeks later and became neighbors. At first, just chatting when we would pass each other outside, then my first true glimpse at the magic that encompasses the Great Wizzzmo's life. The magical and mystical gems, stones, walking stick and other treasures. Then the tales of adventure, of magical beings, the mystical stories of intrigue. Oh how my life has changed after meeting the Great Wizzzmo... No more doom and gloom, but more of happiness, more smiling at the sun. And then the fateful day, talking about how one could share these treasures with the world, I became SUN-MARKO. Head Minion and trusted adviser to the Grand Wizzzmo. My days are spent transforming his magical energies and converting them into a technical wonder called My wish is for the world to meet this Magical Treasure, and share in the joy of the treasures that have been shown to me, for I truly believe that everyone should meet this great wonder of the universe. Thank You for checking this web-site out and please, share with your friends and loved ones. Or even share with those who could use a little magic in their lives too.


Saturday, April 12, 2014


       Sometime back in the early 1980s the Grand Wizzzmo was a dirty, filthy, puffing machine. That's right my friends, I smoked them nasty cigarettes. The stupidest habit known to man. They do nothing for you and screw up the air that surrounds you, and oh, by the way, anyone that's around you also must breath your poison. Not good! That's right 99. But Max! No 99 stick a sock in it. My mouth Max? No 99 your ................. Excuse me, I got carried away there for a second.  
       Anyway, I was at a Card Room in Coos Bay called Gussies. This is where I spent many weekends playing cards and this one, was a real doozie. I was in a Hold-em game that always lasted all weekend and was playing for a long time, when faced with a proposition. I had been smoking lots of them nasty cigarettes and drinking gold tequila drivers for at least 10 hours. The man sitting to my right, was a non-smoker named Tom, who was a logger and loved to gamble. He had a hand shake like a vice grip and whore black rim glasses like Clark Kent and stood about 6ft.4 or more. He was definitely not the man you would expect to be blowing air softly on your arm, however, this is what the case was, as I said, "Tom..., why the fuck are you blowing air on my arm?" this was a pretty creepy feeling, getting my hairs accosted by Superman. He grumpily said, that my cigarette was blowing in his face and was sick and tired of it and was trying to change it's direction. He then said how I was just weak and addicted to cigarettes and couldn't give them up if I tried. Not only was I drinking and smoking, I was also kicking ass in the hold-em game, of which I was up $2200. Me weak? I was invincible!  Yea right.... I told him, that I could give them up anytime I wanted to and for the next 15 minutes we battled back and forth, trying to lay the ground rules for a $500 bet. Finally I said, "Tom I don't need your stinkin' money and crushed my pack of cigarettes and through them across the room and made the shot right in the trash ( a three pointer ) . Nice.
       Not too much later, my toxicity was catching up with me and I was feeling the dregs of that Gold Tequila. I cashed out almost five racks of red and headed to the parking lot to try to sleep it off. My trusty van was awaiting my arrival, where I immediately passed out. Oh the comforts of home. I woke up not too much later and spewed my guts out of my back doors. Man I felt like shit. About three hours or so went by and I needed to go to the restroom inside the 24 hour bar, restaurant and gambling establishment. The crushing of the smokes meant that I didn't have any to tempt me, as I gabbed a cup of Java. There were still some folks playing Black Jack and I observed the game as I drank my coffee. The previous nights pedestal that I was on, was no longer around anymore, when I spotted that pack of smokes on the ledge, by the coffee. I glared at it for awhile, knowing that I would just be a weakling if I gave in, just as Tom had said. I will no way break down and snag one. No way! After all, the pack was open, a box of Marlboro sitting right on that ledge, the ledge that was no more than 15 or 20ft away from me. That was it! Screw it Tom, I'm a weak but-head, what the f.... oh well. I took a cigarette from the pack and stuck it in my mouth, that's when the miracle occurred. I lit the match and started to suck in on that demon stick, ( the one that was responsible for my Mom and Dad's deaths amongst millions of others ) when it exploded in my face. The immediate shock turned all heads in the room my way. Oh what a sight I was, tobacco dangling from my beard and the filter still in the grasp of my teeth. The ten or so people that were left in the room, from a long night of gambling, were treated to a show. I also laughed boisterously, knowing that it was gonna be the last cigarette that I would ever light. At my weakest moment, it took an explosion to set my mind straight. Whoever left that pack of loaded smokes on that ledge that morning must have been my angel of deliverance. I have never lit up a nasty coffin nail since and wish that I could get my friends to see the light. Maybe I'll get some cigarette loads at the magic store downtown. Yea!

       Be cautious my friends          Wizzzmo

Thursday, April 10, 2014


       Coming up this month, Easter will be on 4/20. Yes the Easter Bunny will be burning a big one. This does not happen too often and for all of you that traditionally have a ham on Easter, you should also have some green eggs. That bunny..., what a card. I tried to pull him out of my hat, but I burned myself on his his pipe. Apparently he scored some hash and was lighting up, when I tried to grab him. Oh well.... there goes the show. Refunds will be available for all who attended. 
       For all of you that are deeply religious, may I suggest, lighting a candle with a stem from your stash. You may also give thanks to the Lord for blessing us all with the cannabis the grows throughout the world. Amen. 
        I will be taking a little trip to a far off galaxy where green favors are looked on with extreme prejudice. The natives of this far off land are highly influenced by the Dark Lord of the ruling party, for which there is no forgiveness, if captured with these dangerous favors. I will be cautious my friends, as you should be on your 420 / Easter. May your celebration last a long time after Easter has come and gone. And may we also say a prayer for Bob Marley and all of the beautiful people he touched throughout the world. Cannabis is a wonder drug and is the root source of nearly all my creativity and songwriting. I believe all music flows like a stream from one's mind. This stream flows crisp and clear when enhanced by this amazing and mind expanding tool.
   So let's celebrate, celebrate, let's light a big one
                medicate, medicate, let's get a buzzz on
                recreate, contemplate, your not the only one
                demonstrate, with your mate, go get it on n on
       p.s.  I'll be back before Easter and hope to celebrate with all of you, my friends. Till then, may all of your adventures be like a Storyland, full of melodies and starry, starry nights. A lullaby of life.

        Stay thirsty my friends              Wizzzmo


Hello, fellow followers of the Grand Wizzzmo. It is I, SUN-MARKO, taking over again today, while the Master is away. Today I want to share with you the pictures from the CD that Master Wizzzmo blessed us with. I show you exclusive photos from the piece of art the Wizzzmo crafted with all of his magical energies.

I do hope you like them and remember that you too can share in the magic for a mere $14.50 + Shipping... so hurry today before they are gone as he only has a limited supply... hehehehe...

Till again my pretties. And Remember, obey him we must.... buy the CD we must....


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hello, I am the Head Minion, SUN-MARKO. My master is away today, creating life experiences for him to share with you all at a later time. I took over today to show you what I have been working on. STORYLAND is my master's masterpiece.(hehehe) It is such a wonderful collection of music from the GREAT Wizzzmo him-self.

It is now on the music page with sound bites (hmmm.... makes me hungry) for all to enjoy. And for $14.50 + shipping, it to can be yours. Just fill out the form on the bottom of the Music page here in order to place your order.

Well I better get off of here an get back to minioning the way that good minions do...

   And remember, obey master and buy the CD.   


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


       He was a man, always a musician,
        he was a singer, a songwriter too.
       Then he embarked on life's long vast journey,
        hosted by clouds that lessened his view.
       He couldn't see through, though the sun shined
        he couldn't see through, he had clouded his mind
         he couldn't see through, he's been lost for a while
          he couldn't see through, his own self denial.

       He was a gallant knight in shining armor,
        firm was his stance and swift was his sword.
       Wonderfully wielding words, clashing comments,
        only to find his way home in a song.
       He would find, he would find his way home,
        in his song, he would find his way home
         it's been so long, will he find his way home,
          in a song, will he find his way home,
           find his way home, find his way home.

       What has disaster planned for his future,
        the words are still hanging, the notes are unknown.
       If only he, who's life is still baring,
        fruits from his past, can lighten the load.
       He must try, to lighten his load
        he must try, but he just cant let go
         he must find, how to lighten his load
          he could fly, if he'd lighten his load,
           lighten his load, lighten his load.

       Was he so blind that he had forgotten,
        all that had once made him king of the land.
       Time is of essence, we must start construction,
        right from the ground, from right wear you stand.
       And you'll find, you will find your way home,
        in a song, now he's found his way home
         it's been so long, now he's found his way home
          in his song, now he's found his way home,
            found his way home, found his way home.

       Don't get lost my friends           Wizzzmo

Monday, April 7, 2014


       A while back, about 5 years ago, I was playing poker at a club in Seattle. The waitress, a Korean gal named Sunny, was the food and drink server for us players. Many times my food would arrive when I was involved in a hand. I would just hand her my money and she would say, "thank you Kirk, thank you. Well.... my name was not Kirk, but Captain Kirk, from Star Trek was a cool guy, so I just let it slide and allowed her to call me by that name.
        Months passed and I was still frequenting the joint, when I again got hungry. My order arrived and it was time to pay up.{ I have a bad hip and lower back problem, which makes walking a problem. I even use a red diamond willow staff to help me with my struggles that I have walking.} The bill came to about $7, so I handed her a ten spot and told her to keep the change. She then replied, "thank you Kirk, thank you," as she  had always done before. After months of calling me Kirk, it was time to clue her in on my real name. I said," Sunny, did you know my name is not Kirk? " She replied, "oh! what is your name?"  " I told her my name was Raymo. She then said, "oh Laymo, I didn't know." Upon hearing Laymo, a cripple man that I am said," hey Sunny, just call me Kirk." The laughs were loud when this all transpired and what was also funny was that she had no idea why we were laughing.

         Beam me up Scottie                      
         Stay thirsty my friends             Wizzzmo

Sunday, April 6, 2014


       There's a monster under the bed in the Land Of Flopportunity. He is called the Two Runnersorass Hex and he is one fucked up beast. He will stalk you for weeks, maybe months, maybe forever. It seems you cannot shake him, he's over your shoulder and then somehow, finding his way back into your head. Even though you may be strong and experienced, you are seemingly no match as he wares you down to an easy pray, then gnaws at you slowly devouring your psyche, till your spirit is nearly gone. If you reach that point you may be gone forever, so somehow, you ware the woes of your wounds and the trickle of your consciousness and rise up to defend your fortress. You will enter the darkness that you have created with your fears and find that the light shines brightly in your heart. Bright enough to slay the beast who hides under all beds. River beds.
       Yes my friends, this beast will devour you on the river over and over like a bad dream. But not just a dream, a reoccurring dream. You must be your own shrink our you will be shrunk and freeze dried from the cold streak.
       I recently was bitten by this beast and it drove me crazy for about six weeks. My attitude was terrible and I didn't like the way I was behaving. This monster will bring out the worst in you, if you let it and I let it. I was the ugly animal. Maybe even as ugly as the Tworunnersorass. I needed to overcome this problem and hopped it would work itself out, as it had done in the past. After astronomically calculated odds to one occurrences were battering my brain and bankroll. I physically felt like I was being ingested bit by bit. Nearly consumed, I wearily arrived at the crossroads. The bonus...., that Holy Grail that I sought for weeks, which actually seemed like an eternity, was again dangling like a gold carrot in front of my face. Oh...., to be the one to have a chance to draw the diamond, as the sword in the stone was drawn and then, to have it set me free from the spell that had held me captive for seemingly ages, would be glorious. I went down to the dangerous river with the best, which I had done so many times before. Would I again be turned back into the darkness? Or will the light shine on my spirit and help me defeat the devouring beast? I awaited the outcome. If I prevail, I will gain the right to draw the diamond from the stone cold deck. This would decide my fate and allow me to move on to the next and final level. My straight was king. The river quickly changed that again and brought a flush. I also had a small flush in my arsenal of cards and after the smoke cleared and the battle cries were silenced, it remained the best. Rejoice! Rejoice! But not so fast! It was time to draw the diamond. I had waited so long for this moment and had extreme confidence as I rose from my chair to draw the card. The deck was spread and the light shinned on a certain card, there was no other card in my tunnel vision as my hand slowly lifted it up, looking so as only I could see it, there it was. It was the King Of Diamonds. I had broken the spell. I was then presented with a $160 reward, for finding my way through the maze and then cutting the diamond. From that moment on, the Tworunnersorass has kept his distance, but still remains in our game and in our minds.                                                     The game of poker breeds many monsters and it is our job not to let them get control of our every day good moods. Be like a fortress and may your walls be strong and high in your life's castle."Don't let it get you down, it's only castles burning, just find someone that's turning and you will come around."(Neil Young)

       Stay strong my friends           Wizzzmo

Saturday, April 5, 2014


       I'm stuck in simplicity,
        a man without a rhyme
       Keeping things in order,
        keeping things in time
       The alphabet transcends
        all that's on my mind
       'cause I'm stuck in simplicity
        and running out of time

        Keep things simple my friends      Wizzzmo

Thursday, April 3, 2014


       My friend Rich was so stupid, that he thought the international date line was a 1-800 number that you called to date Russian chicks.
       My friend Dick was so stupid, that he thought melanoma is something you get from eating too much cantaloupe.
       Upon introducing himself to Eve, Adam said, "Madam I'm Adam. Eve was adamant that he would use a palindrome to introduce himself to her. She was damn mad! After all he metaphor the first time that day.
       (Madam I'm Adam and damn mad) are Pali's

       Stay thirsty my friends           Wizzzmo

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


     Well, here's how it went. If you followed my previous blog, you were probably feeling bad for my friends that I locked into their own property in West Linn. Well the fooliversary video was just to set them up for the fall. I made sure that they watched the video in the morning, when they first got up. It worked like a charm. My friend Dave, went out to his fence, to find the key which was not there. April Fools! This was a simple and safe prank, from which results were pleasing. Nobody was locked into their property after all. No emergencies, no sneaking around property in West Linn at night while looking suspicious, equals not getting arrested or jeopardizing my friend's escape, just in case.
       So now it's back to the future. Just wait till next year.

       Be kind my friends                Wizzzmo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


       Ah yes, April Fool's Day, it's finally here. Actually, I didn't know what I was going to do, till just this eve of fool's day. My good friends and bead collecting associates, were married on this day and I have decided to be the prankster on my own behalf and gift them with a precious prank that I dreamed up for today. Just a few hours ago I chained their front gate to their house and property, closed shut. A thick lock and chain are preventing their departure from Dave and Scottie land as I write. The key to the lock has been put in a bag on the side fence where Dave and I usually meet. I made a video to inform them of their dilemma and hope they play it as planned. I told them that I had a present for them, on my site and to look in the video section and to make sure that they play it first thing in the morning. The surprise will then play itself out and the outcome can only develop on it's own. See ya tomorrow for the results.

       To be continued my friends        Wizzzmo