Tuesday, April 22, 2014


         I once new a man with a heart of stone, who also had a palm-a-granite. What iron knee. 
         Mario said he was a pacifist. He was. He tried to pass a fist right passed my nose.
          Wow! Damon a nomad...wow!     Spelled backwards is.   Well... you know.
          My Italian friend Rocco went to the Island of Jamaica and met this beautiful Island goddess. They fell in love and had a child. A cute little Pastafarian
           Yreka Bakery    Spelled backwards is      Common you can do it.
           Race car      spelled backwards is    race car      Zooooooom!
           Nick had a son and named him Richard. While having dinner last night my girl asked me "just who is that nice looking young man over there?" I replied, " that's Richard, Nix Son."
           No x in Nixon     Spelled backwards is      You guessed it my friends
            Stay thirsty my friends                Wizzzmo

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