Wednesday, April 23, 2014


       Way back in 1970 outside of the town of Brewster, was a great spot for lots of under aged kids to go drinking. This was called Dean's Corners. I always referred to it as the steps. Just before you turned off the road to go to Dean's Corners, was a spillway that controlled the water level of the reservoir. The water would cascade down these man made steps and was a visual delight, from the road which I traveled on, coming and going to the city every weekend. 
        I owned a 1967 Chevelle Malibu and was out partying with my best friend Bobby Appleholm, when we heard there was a party at Dean's Corners. I had just picked up an emergency light that was meant for fires and ambulances. It was red and turned around like the cop lights back then. We knew that the party was in full gear, with loads of under aged kids, when I had an idea enter my concocting mischievous mind. I had suggested that we put the light on top of my car and turn the brights on and off, as we speed down the gravel and dirt road, to the unsuspecting tinnie boppers. Bob agreed to the plan, so off we drove. We lit up the road and was approaching at State Trooper speed, all you could see was a swarm of drunk kids scurry up to the top of the hill,up near the RR tracks. They were falling over each other like in a cartoon. What a crack up! That's when we came to a screeching halt. Bob got out and yelled "SUCKERS". This pissed off the partakers and they started coming down the hill. That's when I sped off leaving my friend Bob behind. What an asshole I was, but I wasn't gonna leave him, just scare him a little. The army of pissed off drinkers started coming faster down the hill. Bob caught up with plenty of time to spare and we were out of there. We laughed so hard that my ribs were sore from uncontrollable laughter. What a prank, what a great time in my life, what a great friend Bob was. I sure miss him.

    Celebrate good times my friends         Wizzzmo         

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