Tuesday, April 29, 2014


  It was a hot summers day in Utah
   I was cruising in my van,
    when up ahead on the roadside was a police man
  He was board of the average tourist,
   so when he got to me,
    his eyes lit up like a flashlight, in a dark alley
  He asked me for my license and registration too,
    but when he grabbed the roach-clip,
     I just knew that I was through
  He said, son, this is possession,
   an illegality and if you like tomorrows,
    you'll just give the rest to me
  So, they brought me to the courthouse,
   the Monticello jail and by the looks of that place
    I just hoped I'd have the bail
  Innocent or guilty, the judge spoke out to me,
    I'm guilty, yes, your honor,
     won't you please set me free?
  Well, he sat and contemplated
    and then he set the bail,
     he said, $500 would just get me out of jail
   So I looked inside my wallet and lucky for me,
     was a yellow card that stated,
      get out of jail free
   He said you must be kidding, this ain't no monopoly
     I want to see them greenbacks
      that U.S. currency
    (all I had was $20 travelers checks, one date
      and signature per check)

    Well, my hands they got so tired, my fingers needed rest,
     days later I was reimbursed,
      for them stolen travelers checks

    Stay smart my friends      Wizzzmo

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