Friday, April 25, 2014


        What did one pregnant galaxy say to the other?............I think I'm gonna have a Sun..........ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!
         I once knew a man that was so cheap, that if he seen a sign saying free ass kicks, he'd rush to be the first one in line.
         I've been having reservations about making a reservation on the reservation at the Wild Horse Casino, this up and coming poker tournament. After all, those bells and loud slot machines, might be too much for a quiet and reserved man such as myself. 
         Holding back information that the war was finally over and we had won, was in fact, a victorious secret.
         How pungent was that pun? I know........ it stunk!
         Amore, Roma   Spelled backwards is.   Amore, Roma
         Don't you love it?  That's a nice!  Cio

       Stay happy my friends                Wizzzmo

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