Monday, April 14, 2014


Wandering this wasteland I used to call life, Wishing and dreaming for more. I used to pray everyday for something to happen, something magical. And then came the Grand Wizzzmo, taking a pause in his journeys, settling into what would be the apartment next door, a chance meeting if you will. Somehow I missed the smile from him as we parted that first day. We moved in two weeks later and became neighbors. At first, just chatting when we would pass each other outside, then my first true glimpse at the magic that encompasses the Great Wizzzmo's life. The magical and mystical gems, stones, walking stick and other treasures. Then the tales of adventure, of magical beings, the mystical stories of intrigue. Oh how my life has changed after meeting the Great Wizzzmo... No more doom and gloom, but more of happiness, more smiling at the sun. And then the fateful day, talking about how one could share these treasures with the world, I became SUN-MARKO. Head Minion and trusted adviser to the Grand Wizzzmo. My days are spent transforming his magical energies and converting them into a technical wonder called My wish is for the world to meet this Magical Treasure, and share in the joy of the treasures that have been shown to me, for I truly believe that everyone should meet this great wonder of the universe. Thank You for checking this web-site out and please, share with your friends and loved ones. Or even share with those who could use a little magic in their lives too.


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