Thursday, April 10, 2014


       Coming up this month, Easter will be on 4/20. Yes the Easter Bunny will be burning a big one. This does not happen too often and for all of you that traditionally have a ham on Easter, you should also have some green eggs. That bunny..., what a card. I tried to pull him out of my hat, but I burned myself on his his pipe. Apparently he scored some hash and was lighting up, when I tried to grab him. Oh well.... there goes the show. Refunds will be available for all who attended. 
       For all of you that are deeply religious, may I suggest, lighting a candle with a stem from your stash. You may also give thanks to the Lord for blessing us all with the cannabis the grows throughout the world. Amen. 
        I will be taking a little trip to a far off galaxy where green favors are looked on with extreme prejudice. The natives of this far off land are highly influenced by the Dark Lord of the ruling party, for which there is no forgiveness, if captured with these dangerous favors. I will be cautious my friends, as you should be on your 420 / Easter. May your celebration last a long time after Easter has come and gone. And may we also say a prayer for Bob Marley and all of the beautiful people he touched throughout the world. Cannabis is a wonder drug and is the root source of nearly all my creativity and songwriting. I believe all music flows like a stream from one's mind. This stream flows crisp and clear when enhanced by this amazing and mind expanding tool.
   So let's celebrate, celebrate, let's light a big one
                medicate, medicate, let's get a buzzz on
                recreate, contemplate, your not the only one
                demonstrate, with your mate, go get it on n on
       p.s.  I'll be back before Easter and hope to celebrate with all of you, my friends. Till then, may all of your adventures be like a Storyland, full of melodies and starry, starry nights. A lullaby of life.

        Stay thirsty my friends              Wizzzmo

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