Wednesday, May 28, 2014


   I'm the world's 2nd worst procrastinator, I'm not fighting you for the first spot, that's yours. But if you want to help us celebrate our grammed opening of our store in cyberville, you better make plans to be at Alberta St. May 29th and that's tomorrow. It's time for last Thursday, it's here. Our stroll down the center of the street will begin around 6;30 pm. Come join in the festivities, featuring sexy voodoo goddesses, giant bubble blowing, fireballs, masks, walking sticks, drums and Wizzzmo's newly acquired serpent staff, rescued from an ancient abandoned lair in a place that time forgot. Don't miss this artful spectacle, that I have been waiting to unveil. See you tomorrow my friends and don't procrastinate, you know who you are.

     Be there or be square my friends        Wizzzmo

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