Friday, May 23, 2014


     I was just thinking deeply into a kush enhanced idea earlier. Check this out. I-phones are rectangular and do not fit the structure of the human hand comfortably, not enough for my hand. Dropping them is too common, due to the shape of what they feel is right for you, the public. Well........, I beg to differ with these giant corporations, I think the I-Phone, should be shaped like an eye. My eye, your eye, I-eye yi yi. You know. It would fit your hand more naturally than the old rectangular phone. It would make the clumsy phones we have now obsolete. It would have a perfect marketing name, that would make this phone's sales skyrocket beyond our galaxy. It would monopolize all sales on this planet. It's.,;,',;,.,;',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,; THE EYE-PHONE ! Well........,whata you think? Do the eyes have it? All in favor, say aye.

     Good night my friends                       wizzzmo

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