Friday, May 16, 2014


     I was about 18 years old, when this strange looking shillelagh, bared its ugly vulture-like head, in my direction. Chicky, Bob, John and myself decided to  exploring a house that had been boarded up for many years. It was boarded up so well that nobody even messed with it for a long time. However, though not the first to break through the thickly boarded doors or windows, we were the first to find out some intriguing information, about this mysterious abandoned country  house. We found German documents and swat stickers, with war medals and letters from Germany. We also found a German war helmet and a knife that was claimed by one of the other guys, but when me and Chicky grabbed the Gonga Root at the same time, it was war!" It's mine," I spoke authoritatively. There might have been a fight if he didn't succumb to my grip that I had on the stick. My tone of voice was firm and my will was not to be broken. So I claimed the wicked stick for my own. That was that. We all left the abandoned house with amazing stuff, what a score for a bunch of board guys taking a walk down a country road.
     I brought the stick back to the city, where I had to work delivering boxes of food for Party Inn Caterers. My friend and delivery partner, Dennis Barnum and I, were going on a delivery together, when I showed him my new, awesome, shillelagh. He immediately dubbed it the Gonga Root as he seemed to be familiar with it's strange naturally occurring configuration of a vultures head. He had seen something like it in some other country he had been to and the name stuck immediately. I now had this strange ugly stick that would be part of the magic of the Cathey House later on in my life. This is where I recently was gifted with the serpent stick, that will make it's first public appearance in Wizzzmo's Grand Floral Parade on the 29th of May at the Last Thursday celebration on Alberta St. It will be accompanied by some of my most unusual staffs and wands including the Gonga Root.

     Comme ci, comme ca my friends        Wizzzmo
      Come on down!

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