Tuesday, May 27, 2014


     While spending all my summers up in Brewster, I seemed to get into allot of harmless mischief. I don't know if it was who I was hanging out with, or who was hanging out with me, that was the influence that ruled the tides. Whoever it was don't even matter, but this time, it was my friend Chicky.
     On this particular summer day we were cruising the neighborhood around Lake View Manor, a section of the lake where we all met, played music and went swimming. The road dead ended not too far down from the clubhouse, in heavy swampland, where nobody ever went. The only people you would normally see down there, were usually the numbered few, that lived down the dead end road. It was getting dark, just toward the tail end of dusk, when we drove by what seemed to be two young lovers making out in a car. They also had Connecticut license plates. They were in strange territory and we were just the rascals to mess with there heads. I had recently been having a great time terrorizing different victims with my red cop light, that had a suction cup on the bottom of it, so as it could stick to my roof. We knew that we would be able to scare the crap out of them, if we came down the dusky road with all lights flashing, so that's what we did. We came to an abrupt stop and proceeded to approach the two innocent victims. They thought they were in trouble, as they remained frozen in there car. The front window was open and I was the first to approach the young couple. I said in a deeper than normal authoritative voice, "you know that your not allowed to be here and that your parked illegally in a no parking zone?" Me and Chicky could hardly hold back our laughter, while these two kids were taking us seriously and thinking they were in deep shit. We didn't even come close to resembling cops. In fact we were giggling so much, that to my surprise, when I figured that they had to know by now, that we were joking, I stuck out my hand, in a give me skin opened palm position, but instead of getting a slap on the palm, the guy said nervously, while shaking, "Da, do you wa want my license?" Holy smoke! This guy started fumbling around, trying to find his wallet. This was way more than we had hoped for and started laughing our asses off, totally out of control. We then went back to my car and sped off, up the road and out of sight. We couldn't stop laughing, my ribs were hurting, from laughing so hard. Two pranksters getting more than they could have imagined. What a gas being young and carefree and a little mischievous too, I guess.

    Stay young my friends        Wizzzmo

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