Tuesday, May 13, 2014


   In my younger mid twenties, I was traveling cross country quite often. What could be a better way to experience an adventure? I had been staying with my parents in Yonkers, N.Y. where I grew up. I worked construction for my Dad for a few months, trying to get some money together to go back out west, where I now decided I would be living and making my home. My total worth was not enough to buy another van, so I decided to take Rainbow up on her offer and accompany her in her station wagon, on a cross country trip, back to Oregon. I was not a solo unit at this time in my life, my companion and traveling partner was my dog Ryan, the coolest dog in the galaxy, no doubt. We went everywhere together, every time, every day, every every. You know what I mean.
    So the launching date came and I found myself with my dog on my parents front lawn. We were all hugging and saying goodbye, when I kinda felt as if something wasn't right and that it just didn't feel as if I was leaving. I even said to my Mom, that I really didn't feel right, but nonetheless we boarded the wagon and in a moment, we were off on our journey cross country. I was now a passenger, not a driver. I was not turning the wheel, I was not stepping on the brake, I was not in control. This was very strange to me and made me rather uncomfortable and extremely alert with eyes wide open at all times.
     We had been traveling for a while now and I was getting use to my part time passenger status, as I now was now driving most of the time. We were on our way westward and cruising on a warm day, when we incurred our first problem of the trip. Overheating." Oh well, no big deal, I'll fix it." It was hot and after getting some cool water from a nearby stream, I did the deed, I checked the hoses, fixed the cause of the problem and we got back on to the interstate. We were traveling through Michigan now, on this multi-lane interstate highway, that passes through Marshall. It was about 3 in the afternoon and we were just getting over having our first problem, when we had a blowout. The rear right tire was destroyed, but I was prepared with a spare and a good jack to fix it. I grabbed the tire iron and got out to observe and tackle the problem, when HOLY SHIT! fire was coming from the backside of the wheel, by the axle. In panic I grabbed this multi-gallon water bag and tried to fit it under the back bumper and squeeze it on the protruding flames. This was not working, as the fire was in the axle and water would not douse a grease fire anyway. The interstate had slowed to observe the spectacle, while from 200 feet away, running as fast as he could, was a truck driver with his fire extinguisher. He was aware of our dilemma and was playing the part of the knight in shining armor, So with extinguisher drawn, he lay white powder to the flame. The battle raged on. Wonderfully wielding his magic, he conquered the dragon dramatically and put it's wrath to rest. We stood by in near shock and was glorifying and praising him for his gallantry, when from out of nowhere the flames reappeared. The dragon was not done and the flames were worse than before. All of this was happening right underneath the gas tank and sticking around was no longer an option. We ran for the nearby hillside, while the brave truck driver flayed to rest his discharged weapon. The flames were growing out of control and the highway was frozen, with no way to quicken the infantries arrival. I realized that all my wares that made me who I was, were still on board. I had to make a decision. I could let my guitar, flute and my grandfather's violin, all burn in the wagon, or I could go back into the dragons fiery den and rescue my love, my musical instruments and my dreams. I knew what I had to do. Without hesitation, I ran back to the fire, knowing it could explode at any time. I flung open the door to the backseat, gabbed my instruments and turned to run, when my faithful friend and K9 companion jumped into the back seat. He thought it was time to leave. "Ryan" I yelled! "lets go!" He immediately responded and we fled the scene to the nearby hill where everybody was rooting us on. We were safe as I sat smiling and caressing the strings of my beautiful guitar, knowing that I had conquered the walls of the castle and escaped with my love and my life. The dragon blew his flames forty feet across the highway and consumed all of our remaining possessions. By the time the calvary arrived the fortress was burned to a crisp. Very little remained. I realized at that moment, why I felt the way I did, when I said goodbye to my family. The moment when I felt that I was not leaving with comfortable insight in going out west. I knew something wasn't right, just a feeling you could say, a premonition perhaps. Sensitivity, yes. As we sat in the back of the air conditioned State Trooper car, we wondered, just what would we do know? The only things that survived the battle were my instruments, a pair of Fry Boots of Rainbows, a pair of cut-offs that were in the middle of all my burnt clothes and a denim jacket patch that had these words on it, (Have A Nice Night). Cute!
     We slept at a nearby hotel and boarded a plane going back to N.Y. the very next day. I had been staying with my parents who had a homeowners policy that allowed me to collect on my losses and with a couple of receipts from my Dad's friends camera shop, I had enough money to buy a van, so I could get back out west, in the style I was most accustomed to. A hippie van.
     Funny, but hanging around Untermyer Park, which is where all the hippies gathered, I met a blond hippie chick that was very alluring and charmed me into taking her with me, on my trip back across the country. Yea right. You believe that shit? She wasn't charming, she was a dumb blond, a pretty, young, sweet looking girl, ready for adventure and I was just the guy to take her on one. Oh yea! I was like any other horny young hippie, wanting a beautiful babe to travel with. So there we went, my dog Ryan, me, and my new girl, Sunshine. Pretty funny! I left to go out west with a girl named Rainbow and we were turned away by the dragon. So I came back to strengthen my caravan and while doing so, met a fair maiden, by the name of Sunshine. What a bunch of hippies, Rainbow and Sunshine, etc. But now it was time for me to leave the east coast and go back out west. (The west is the best) We can only wait, as another story counts on time, to release it from it's grasp. So stay tunned, till next time.

      Keep truckin' my friends        Wizzzmo

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