Thursday, May 8, 2014


Add lib to women's, bellybutton lint to linens, say it with a smile, I'm grinnin'. 
Don't give me lip, give me dreads, grateful, hateful, a crate full instead.
Bledsoe, Tebow, World Fuckin Peace, Jason, chasin, the Golden colored Fleece. Peanut butter has no other. I hate mieces to pieces. Reeses, cups, give me ups. wa sup, hick up, bad pup, no sup, fessup Jessup,, get down Charlie Brown, board a train in the Purple Rain, Pink Floyd, going insane, Choo Choo Charlie, brown an gnarly, on his Harley, with Chris Farley, corn of barley. John must die. Why!? Syndicate, in the kit, a caboodle, white rice noodle, on the Toutle, logs and tons of mud brown like Mexican bud. Dirt weed, nose bleed, higher seats, sweeter treats, popcorn pop, squeeze that mop, overtime, nursery rhyme, slithering slime-ball, let's end it once and for all. That's it! Done. Really. Ferris Bueller.  Gotcha!   Oh yeah!

      Free lance from a lot my friends      Wizzzmo

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