Thursday, May 22, 2014


   I've seen a lot of fantastic and unusual things in my life, but this nighttime display of light on water was one for the books.
   I was attending a barter fair up in N.E. Washington, above Spokane, in a beautiful and majestic setting, just right where the Columbia River enters the U.S.A. on the Canadian border. This barter fair was known as the Northport Barter Fair. I was a regular at this yearly event, which took place on the first or second weekend of October every fall and I was also in charge of the music and entertainment this year. The rains were dowsing the meadow and plateau, which was full of vendors trying to make trades and hopefully get some cash, to at least cover their expenses for gas and food. Everybody was hunkering down waiting for the torrential rain to subside. The rain had been falling for many hours and was putting a real damper on this long awaited event. It was about one o'clock in the morning and mostly everyone was crashed and snoring zzzzz's in dreamland. I was wide awake with some fairgoers, playing guitar and stoning out on some good harvest buds, when the massive wall of water, we had been dealing with for most of the day, abruptly stopped. I watched this water wall go across the open range, where everyone resided in makeshift structures, tents and teepee's. The multi-ringed barter circle was vast this year and was visually unfolding right before my eyes, as the sharply defined clearing slowly moved on. In this drop-free clearing, at the same time that I was watching it's movement, the brightest full moon that I ever saw, appeared from behind the distant mountain. The extremely, almost blinding bright moon, as it was shining on the wall of water, created a colorless rainbow in the middle of the circle. Fantastic! WOW! I had never seen anything like this visual phenomena in all my extensive travels and experiences. I'm sure glad that I was still awake to witness this once in a lifetime event, for my love of the earth and all it's wonders goes deep into the core of my bones and is rooted in my feet. All the shape of a rainbow, but colorless. Just a white, bright, projection of the moon's light on a solid water screen, an arc for the ages.

     Stay thirsty my friends           Wizzzmo

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