Thursday, May 8, 2014


     I just had a conversation with my Head Minion, Sun-Marko, in which he informed me of some rather vital information, this being the top 4 states to live in peace as a Hippie. I wonder who they polled? Are Hippies voting now? Here's the drum roll.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,coming in at number 4 is,.,;,',;,.,;,'ta,da...Oregon, Yea! Home sweet home for Wizzzmo. I love Oregon. Keep it green. And now,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,number 3 is,.....New Hampshire. You've gotta love the Shire. It's on fire! Thanks Marv, but lose those panties. And now for #2..,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,It starts with a V.  Yes! It's Vermont. Let's here it for Montpelier. You can yell your Hippie heads off. All hail Timothy Leary! He made things seem so very cleary. And now my friends for the best state to live in perfect Hippiedom. It's.,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,Oh no! I screwed up. I'm stoned out on brownies and Blue City D. The state that I thought was 1st is 2nd and visa-versa. So here's your number 2 not number 1. It's Maine! How about that my friends.
     But here's the catch, coming in dead last is.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,.,;,',;,. You guessed it. Mississippi. I wonder what Mr. Hippie thinks of that? He even said he would meet her at the Mississippi, but she was in de Nile. You can't blame her for liking the blues, Blue City Diesel, Blue Dream, even Jake and Elwood could'nt do no wrong. Poor Mrs. Hippie coming in last. Tunica in next week..., for another dangling participial or two. Till then.......... Oh....., by the way I guess your wondering about Colorado? Well it came in 5th.However Dan Fogelberg was awesome and still number one in many ways. Love ya Nederland.

      Don't worry, be Hippie   Hippie tie dye oh a nika yes you peak a boo.
        Create, ignite, push on into the light.         Wizzzmo says, good night

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