Sunday, May 25, 2014


     Of coarse we have The Rolling Stones. Who said it's hard for a rock to role? These stones just keep on rolling and have gathered no moss. Stop! No mas. Then we have sugalite also known as luvalite. I've called it the lawyer stone, because the beginning of the word sounds like sued ya. Then there is that blue stone called azurite. This is the Italian stone, because it sounds like az-aw-right. At least it's all right with me. Then, once in Tucson I went around asking for nugalite, I really got ripped when I found some too! Hey! What about that meteor stone moldavite, another stoner stone. This squinty eyed stone has squinty eyes for a reason and it's really down to earth. Down under. Then there is the dog stone, labradorite, it's bight has no bark. That's bad, so bad it's malachite, green with envy. Getting thirsty my friends, there's always sodalite, without bubbles I'm afraid, for all you seltzer addicts out there. When you only owe a little, it's Iolight. Does it pay to get Iolite? Only when you owe allot. Then for all you babies and men, believe it or not there is titanite. I'm not playing you for a sucker, there really is a stone called titalite, for all you breast feeders and tit lovers out there, this is your stone. being a sucker ain't so bad after all, you might say. Then there is stone doubt. For those people that don't think they can get stoned, but wonder if they should try to, I would suggest that they try some before they are the last people in doubt.
     I must be searching for something in this blog, but I don't know what it is, so I'm out of here. wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

     Stay stoned my friends                   Wizzzmo

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