Friday, May 9, 2014


     Did you ever here that joke that goes, (What do you get when you play a country western song backwards?) The answer being, (you get the car back, you get the dog back, you get the house back, etc., etc., etc,. ) However they don't ever tell you, that you will get your tools back, because you never get your tools back, in any scenario, Don't give up your tools, ever!
     After losing her teeth, she had to succumb, to sucking gum.
     Hey is that a form of harassment? The form of her ass meant everything to me. It even became habit, forming the clay with my hands, till the oven made it hard.
      The other day I got pulled over by a State Trooper. As he peered amid, I noticed that his eyes were glazed. I think he was eating too many dough-nuts that day. I called him on it and said some bizzare palindromic collection of words. "Step on no pets" I cried! But to my surprise he spoke back at me and said, "Dammit I'm mad!"  I was really freaked out! A cop palindroming me back was unheard of. We were breaking grounds that had never been broken. However, breaking bread was out of the question and when I suggested we go for dough-nuts, it was all over. I escaped with my freedom and he with his tolerance. Don't try this my friends, not all cops know palindromes.

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