Monday, May 19, 2014


   Besides from just purchasing some flash paper for Wizzzmo's Grand Floral Parade, I just purchased some real estate in Gnarlywood. That's right my friends, has just rented a storefront on Web St. in downtown Cyberworld. My C.D., Storyland, Mr. Pot Tater Head, a pot-culture novelty item, along with my one of a kind Leather Dog Ties, a Giant Bubble Making Kit, Fire Agates, crystals, post cards, tee-shirts and many other items will be available for your purchase, at titillating prices, in our new store. All that you will find is original art and music, with creative and unique items for your every day enjoyment, adornment and listening pleasure.
   Achieve, ignite, push on into the light. Let freedom ring! Our grand opening will be May 29th. We will be celebrating this event with a parade, that will be turtling it's way, down Alberta St., starting around 6:30, from the corner of 28th and Alberta. This gala extravaganga will be featuring an entourage of sexy voodoo goddesses, giant bubble blowers, fireballs, fantastic masks, drums and Wizzzmo's unveiling of his cosmically acquired serpent stick, recently found in the ruins of an old wizards lair. will be covering the event so that all of the galaxy can attend.
   So be there, or be square my friends. Come 'round, no angles, as the web so untangles, don't be prey to those who fray, let your path be the sound, of your feet upon the ground, breaking strides, till you arrive, spring up, take a dive, let us know that your alive, make a splash, bring your stash and I'll see you in a Flash!!!!!!  The 29th (LAST THURSDAY) in May, Alberta St., Portland, OR.
   Let us rejoice my friends          Wizzzmo

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