Tuesday, May 6, 2014


   When I was 7 years old, my playmates and I couldn't wait for Mr. Grunge to get home, where we would love to listen to him tell us stories of his life. Mr. Grunge was a kind, soft spoken, lonely old man, who just loved us kids and always had a story for us. I remember him dearly with his little Fedora hat and mustache, a small framed man, with glasses and a big heart, would be how I would describe this legendary mariner. His stories would keep us kids captivated with wide eyed enthusiasm. I couldn't wait till he came back from the park, so he could sit us kids down, give us treats and then tell us stories of his glorious life. It was my favorite time of day. My life was in it's wonder years, fascinating stories of adventure opened up my childlike imagination and allowed me later in life to realize the importance of my adventures and to share them with you. As we get older, we see how certain people from our past experiences have influenced our lives and have been key figures in cultivating just who we ultimately become. This wonderful old man was one such person. I feel just as he might have, when I write these stories and share them with you, my children on the porch next door. With me starting this website, I have become Mr. Grunge in an odd way, sharing my glorious tales of great escapes, adventurous experiences and intergalactic phenomena with you, my friends. I hope my treats are tasty and that my stories of my life, are worth the time that you give me to read them. So as I sit on my front porch, my stories await your arrival. Please gather 'round children, It's me, Mr. Grunge with another story for you. 

      Stay young my friends       Wizzzmo

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