Thursday, March 20, 2014


       I, the mighty Wizzzmo, was once a great prince, before I was promoted to Grand Wizzzmo Of Cannabistan.  My fair lady, was swept away by The Dark Lord of the ruling party, ever since my travels have lead me to the far reaches of the galaxy, only to be turned away with an empty heart. These slippers, were the only thing that was left of my lady and by my lady, only these slippers shall fit. This spring......, as of today in fact, a glimmer in the darkened realm of the ruling party has sent it's light force to shine somewhere on Alberta, in the Land Of Port. Soon, there will be a flareup and a portal will appear. From this, shall my lady materialize. After all this time, the only way I will know for sure, that this apparition is she, is if the slippers fit, oh so perfectly.  
        The moon will be high, as will I, come first (LAST THURSDAY). Look for Wizzzmo and try on the slippers. Who knows? You may be the one to receive a night, in the grandest of galaxies of which return is optional.

         Be there my Lady Of Cannabistan       Wizzzmo

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