Sunday, March 16, 2014


   Many of my friends refer to me as, the traveling Tie Dye Hippie Wizard. I love my life, cruzzzing the universe in one of my many camper vans that I've chosen to use as my vessel of transport. It's been the only way to fly, for me. My stories that I have compiled in my memories, are truly unique and entertaining. Many strange and unusual occurrences have taken place, in the millions of miles that I have traveled. I've been an artist and a musician and have entertained all over the galaxy. What I am offering to you, is a chance to enter my world and share in my gifted array of talent. I can only hope to please. So may your senses be overwhelmed by your laughs and smiles and may your travels take you miles and miles and then drop you off at my domain, so that I, for you, may entertain.

           I humbly welcome you with open arms to   ENJOY

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