Sunday, March 30, 2014


       Just before I was five years old, my family and I, moved to Yonkers, New York. Harlem, where I was born, was going through a major change. The predominantly Italian neighborhood that my grandparents chose after arriving from Italy, was now being quickly replaced by Blacks and Puerto Ricans. The neighborhood was becoming undesirable and my parents chose to move out and raise their new family in a better environment. The next town north of the Bronx, was Yonkers, which was located on the Hudson river, named after Henry Hudson the pioneer discoverer of the river. We moved into a three story apartment house, one of six duplicates that were built next to each other across from School #9. I never had far to go to get to school, as I could see the classrooms right from my Mom and Dad's bedroom window.
       The way the apartments were designed, was in this order. The back room overlooked the small backyard, followed by the kitchen, a foyer, where the bathroom was located off of, the living room and then the three adjoining bedrooms. My bedroom was one that my sister and my parents had to pass through to get to their's. It was also right up against the noisy television, that was directly on the other side of the wall, which my bed lye up against. This often made it hard for me to get to sleep, as my parents watched the tube for a couple of hours passed my bedtime each night. I had to escape from the noise and vibrations that the T.V. was emanating, just to get to that state of consciousness that would allow me to drift off into sleep. I would go somewhere in my mind and eventually, I would succeed. One night I would take this to an entirely new and mysterious level. I found myself in a state of relaxation I had never experienced before. I was lying on my back and was weightlessly hovering about two to three feet over my bed. This moment, one which I had never felt so relaxed, was one that I accepted as a normal occurrence and just went with it. It seemed to come as no surprise and I don't really know how long I was in this state, as time was irrelevant and seemingly non existent. I heard nothing and felt nothing, only peace and tranquility. Suddenly, one of my parents touched the door knob. At that moment that my ears made me aware of my existence, I found myself back in my body, which was still lying in my bed. I had apparently left it and at that instantaneous moment of awareness, became one with it again. For years I never questioned this, or even thought it was unusual. Then, later in my life, I would come to realize that this was a special moment, for the innocence of life at a young age can make amazing things happen, things that seem to be impossible now, were never questioned by innocence then. Nothing quite like this has ever happened to me since that night. But nothing, is something just waiting to be.
       Stay focused my friends, for life holds many wonders.     Wizzzmo

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