Sunday, March 16, 2014


       Early in my life, I was taught that freedom and happiness were high on the ladder of life and to make sure you don't lose your grip, or you may fall. The teachings of my parents were important in following my own life's pursuit of that higher wrung. Being my own boss and not having to answer to anybody, as I set out on my journey through the universe, was key in allowing me the freedom I so cherished. Dealing with the obstacles that I faced, along the path that I had chosen, was a challenge. I had to rely on my talents to get me bye and in many cases, I found out that my scope of talent was vast and it helped me in becoming a freelance poker player, singer, songwriter, musician and artist .With magical powers at my fingertips and an arsenal of talent, I was able to live my dream of freedom from the system. This was the hippie dream that I sought out and molded my life around. My grandfather was a musical genius, painter and inventor, who taught me many things at a young age. This is where my wizardry and magic were handed down from. My grandfather was Venetian and my grandma, Czechoslovakian. The artist and the gypsy. Naturally I became a traveling junkie, with my goal being, to turn that ignition key on and cruise on down the road, whenever I felt like doing so. Truckin' down that road in style, was and still remains, my quest. I was molded to wizzz through the universe, always making sure that I stopped along the way, so as I may smell the roses and allow the fragrance to lead me to my destiny, leaving smiles along the way, as a comet leaves a tail. With well over a million land miles journeyed, I felt a compelling duty, to share some of the many highlights and great stories that I've amassed through my experiences as a universal traveler. May your experience with Wizzzmo be dynamically entertaining and educational as well as a totally titillating experience for you. I'm told that being a hippie is like being a national treasure. Well.....,the treasure chest of my life has been opened up for you, so dive in and grab your share of my true stories and DAILY BLOGS and please enjoy my humor, poems and videos. There's lots to come! So take a running jump and catapult yourself into my galaxy and let freedom and happiness be you guide.,

            Welcome my friends to, I hope you enjoy my gift to you        

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