Friday, March 21, 2014


       Cyclone rusty fences
       intimidate our dreams
       Everybody's lookin'
       beyond the fence it seems
       There's a big dog
       down the alley
       Ain't no short cuts here
           and it's a rainin'
           on my glasses
           inner-city fear

       Miracle on 45th street
       children's stockings overflow
       It's the crystal grass that crunches
       when the morning mist has froze
       And when the sky was open
       another star explodes
            It's that distant light
            we're all lookin' for
            as we travel down this wild
            and tragic road

       So send your spirit flying
       through the land of no escape
       It's that emptiness we're filling
       as we overcompensate
       And please stay by the main road
       and don't forget to check your gauge
              And stay within the limits
               of your inner,
                  of your inner------inner-city cage

       These are the lyrics for INNER-CITY CAGE  a track on my CD STORYLAND soon to be available on     A TREE CLIMBER RECORDS release.

       Stay thirsty my friends          Wizzzmo

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