Sunday, March 23, 2014


       Ever since the summer of '69, I have adorned a unique and creative dashboard. My first, consisted of three items and was located on the dash of my 1967 Chevy, Chevelle Malibu. The big three at the time were, a fancy cut crystal, from a wine decanter, a carved wooden pipe type character, that I so weirdly named Schnork Swaller and a clay sculpture named Headly. Headly, was formed by my fingers and my imagination, way back in the 8th grade and has been hanging out on various dashboards for about 45 years. He's even played poker and is the star in one of my favorite stories. HEADLY'S POKER RUSH. Boy....It couldn't have been that long ago. Could it? Don't answer that!
        My current vessel has a dash, that is rather dashing, if I may say so myself. If not, you may say it then, or you might think to yourself, BOULDER-DASH and you'd be right. You can get your eyes delight, by viewing the welcome video, located on the Home page. The process of uploading, is carefully being handled by the Head Minion, Sun Marko. May the farce be with him. I am also posting a photo of one of my previous dashes and will add to the collection, if and when I find more. My guide to the universe goes through my dashboard, so, all aboard! here we go.....Oh yea! Would you please slam that stupid door, I need to get it fixed. Thanks.

          Hold on my friends,  
          Welcome Home                   Wizzzmo

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