Thursday, March 27, 2014


       What did Timmy give Lassie for mothers day?
               Collie flowers     Ha1 Ha! Ha!
         If actor Kevin Bacon 
          married my friend's daughter,Megan                                  
             she'd be Megan Bacon
                Oink! Oink! Oink!
         If I jumbled Jim Morrison and got Mr Mojo Risen
          Then I can jumble Craig Stokke and get
           Goat Kickers
          To many goats eating your blackberries?
            Who you gonna call?  Goat Kickers
              Got a lot of blackberries?
               Who makes the best blackberry wine?
                Craig Stokke  It kicks ass
         My friend was working so much at his job,
          he had no time to do anything at all. 
         Now he's growing herbs for a living
          and has plenty of thyme on his hands.
        Coincidentally, joining the two nurses for lunch,
         down in the cafeteria, was a paradox
           they were all lost in Austin
            and it's two vortexes
             and 2-4-Tenna-C
          dammit I'm mad  Spelled Backwards Is
           dammit I'm mad
         Murder for a jar of red rum  In Reverse Is
          Murder for a jar of red rum

         Drink up! my friends             Wizzzmo

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