Wednesday, March 19, 2014


       When I was about 19 earth years, I lived with my folks in the downstairs finished basement, of this beautiful stone and shingled house, that my Dad and Mom had recently purchased. I, at the time was working for my Dad doing waterproofing. One day, while on a job at Conney Island, we stopped for lunch at an outdoor seafood stand. We all ordered some kind of seafood and I had the soft shell crab sandwich. It kinda looked funky, a small dead crab on a bun. This, I was gonna eat? Even my friend Bob said, " your not really gonna eat that, are you?" I looked down and said," screw it" and eat the sucker. This wound up being a real bad decision and I would wind up getting infectious hepatitis. This landed me in the hospital for a day or two and kept me from working my job.
        I was hanging around, just being board and decided to have my Dad pick up a racing form for me. While studying some of the races, I decided to put some extra thought into figuring out what the Superfecta was going to be. The Superfecta was picking four horses in a row. Exactly, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and fourth. I drew a track and imagined just what I thought was going to happen. The make believe results were uncanny. 1-2-7-6 or 1-2-7-4 were my picks. The uncanny part, was that all the horses names, reminded me of getting stoned. Check out these names, (hold HIGH) was first,(keySTONE waverly) was second, (keySTONE momento) was third and the other names of the fourth place horses were indifferent. My deciphering, was for a dry track, which the weather gal had previously predicted on the morning news. I was unable to go to the track, which I lived only two miles away from, so I had my Dad make my bets for me, at the OTB. I had to wait for all the races to be run, before I could call the result line and see if I won. Shortly after dinner, the skies opened up. There was thunder, lightning and torrential rain. The track was soaked and all my figuring was for a dry track. Oh well.......,so I then dialed the number. There was only one race that the superfecta was offered and it was the last recording on the result line. Thunder was clapping and the storm was still raging, when the recording spoke. The winner of the ninth race was number 1, Hold High. Finishing second was number 2, Keystone Waverly. Finishing third was number 7, Keystone Momento. By this time, I knew that I needed the 4 or the 7 to be a winner. I anxiously awaited. Then the voice spoke, ( I was at the edge of my bed when) it said, finishing fourth was number 6 Afton Rooster. Yahoo! Celebration! I won! I won! But wait..., how much did it pay? The recording continued, And tonights superfecta, 1-2-7-6 pays $1,864.00. This was a great payout and gave me some cash to be flamboyant with and I knew just how to spend it. I would end up buying a pound of the best black Afgany Hash ever. This, I kept in my draw and smoked over the next few months. What a great way to recover from that gross crab sandwich. I never had a draw full of hash before. How impressive this would be, while entertaining my friends. Well, my memories are sharp and I can still see that gross crab clearly in my mind. YUK!!! 
             Making a positive, out of a negative, is always the goal. Satisfaction and surprised are welcome validations.     
              Stay lucky my friends            Wizzzmo

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