Sunday, February 23, 2014


           As I began my travels I needed cash along the way. One skill that came natural to me was poker. My psychic powers that were passed down from my mom were evidently present even more when playing cards.
           Here is one of many of my favorites.
           Early in my poker career, I was down in Reno. Harolds club had a 3-6 hold-em game that I thought I might sit in on. My seat was open and I sat down. As I had done many times before, I placed a lucky trinket (or in this case a lucky bean from Jamaica) in front of me on the table. I played a hand or two when suddenly the guy sitting next to me rudely reached over and grabbed my bean. I ominously said "don't touch it." He responded in his Latino accent, "yea... right it's supposed to be cursed or something?" I then allowed him to place it on his cards while the hand was played.
           The flop was an 8-2-5 . Being the first to act he checked and then called a random bet from late position. He had pocket 8s and was setting a trap for the turn. The turn card was a 7. He bet out and was raised by the hand to his left. He re-raised and his now only opponent capped it. It was now heads up. The final card was a 7 which paired the board. The board now read (8-2-5-7-7)He bet out knowing he had the best full house possible. His opponent raised  He raised back. Then a re-raise. Being heads up there were no more limits on the amount of raises you can make and he was now all in for his remaining chips. The hand were flipped over 8s full he muttered. His opponent turned his cards over he had pocket 7s giving him 4 of a kind. Four 7s. With shock and horror written all over his face he flung my bean back to me and ran out of the room scared out of his skin. Man was he freaked out!
            The moral of this story is don't be rude and never grab a wizzzards bean without permission.
            Stay thirsty my friends          Wizzzmo

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