Wednesday, February 26, 2014


       As I speak. another child is being born. Another web birth is incredibly  taking place. Forming its self into one the many sites you may journey to. May your journey take you beyond the barriers and into my new home on the web. Stories of my incredibly lucky life will be etched in stone so as time cannot wash them away. My head minion is working his fingers and mind to the bone. The head bones connected to the neck bone. The neck bones connected to the.....  stop!...... What a bonehead......! Anyway......A wizards power can only go so far or do so much. The rest must be accomplished by allowing the stars in his celestial encapsulation to forever shine on his new domain. The minion star is one that so brightly shines. This is the way of the worlds.
        Please ,my friends. Let us welcome to the galaxy with open arms.......   The new kid on the blog.
                 STAY WITH ME MY FRIENDS               WIZZZMO

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