Sunday, February 23, 2014


            If you haven't red the previous poker story, Please do so first, for it is important that you do.
            SO here i am, seeking out a larger game, when on the next night I end up in Lake Tahoe. Ah yes a 10-20 game. I bought in for a few hundred and sat down in the middle seat. The only seat open. Upon placing my chips down on the table I brought out my lucky bean from Jamaica and put it down right next to my chips as I had done the previous day. Again a rude move by a fellow player. Again the bean is relocated without even asking if he could see it. Again I said " don't touch it! It's cursed!" And proceeded to tell him what happened to the last guy who grabbed my magic lucky bean. I knew this player really well and allowed him to keep the bean in front of him while he tried to be a non-believer. His chips were decimated as he bought another rack.Another $500. He still possessed the charm even though his chips were disappearing rapidly in the game. He was determined to win a hand and show me superstition was just superstition. Quickly and definitively the spell finished him off. He went bust. Belly up.  $900 later all that remained in front of him was the bean. He politely handed it back to me and left in a subdued state of mind. Shock and awe was bestowed upon our doubter. I never seen him again.
             Who gave me this bean? Well... That's another story

               Stay lucky my friends               Wizzzmo

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