Monday, February 24, 2014


           Well... I never was real good at listening to authority, so there we were me and my best friend Bobby Appleholm with a different group of girls that came up from Untermyer Park with us that day. Two of the girls were Ann and Janis, a couple of Dead Heads we knew from Yonkers. My friend Bob and I were real good at this. The country (upstate N.Y.) was a great lure for them city girls we met up at the park. And I with my hippie van always had lots of room for young maidens.
            So... There we were skinny dipping with these beautiful girls. Smoking Columbian. Just having a wonderful time when.... You guessed it. The New York State Police appear from out of the bushes. Luckily one of the girls had hidden the stash so at least that wasn't an issue. They had my license plate number from last time we were there and said that we were under arrest for skinny dipping in the Reservoir. We then had to follow them to the station so as they could book us and set a court date. I'm sure glad they let us go on our own re-cog. Having to stay would have sucked.
              Back then it didn't seem to be a problem that the three girls were all 17. I was 20. Bob was 19. Big deal! And there shouldn't have been a problem as far as I was concerned. We were just swimming. Well... you know.
              When it was time to go to court Bob and I showed up dressed nice but not overboard nice. Then it was time to meet the parents of the three Jewish Princesses we had so foully shared our nakedness with. Man, the looks we got at first were not good. But when the judge just gave us a verbal spanking and said he didn't want to see us again. We were all very happy. The girls went back to the city and me and Bob went swimming.
              Stay free my friends            Wizzzmo

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