Thursday, February 27, 2014


         I once new a man with a heart of stone, who also had a palm-a-granite. What iron knee.
         Mario said he was a pacifist. He was. He tried to pass a fist right passed my nose.
          Wow! Damon a!     Spelled backwards is.   Well... you know.
          My Italian friend Rocco went to the Island of Jamaica and met this beautiful Island goddess. They fell in love and had a child. A cute little Pastafarian
           Yreka Bakery    Spelled backwards is      Common you can do it.
           Race car      spelled backwards is    race car      Zooooooom!
           Nick had a son and named him Richard. While having dinner last night my girl asked me "just who is that nice looking young man over there?" I replied, " that's Richard, Nix Son."
           No x in Nixon     Spelled backwards is      You guessed it my friends
            Stay thirsty my friends                Wizzzmo

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