Tuesday, February 25, 2014


         Sometime back around the mid 80s, I lived in Newport ,Oregon. Those were the days of cocaine and gold tequila. The Pip Tides, A local hangout which featured live music, poker, black jack and lots of action, was closing that night. Times were tough due to stupid spending of my cash on drugs and alcohol. I had about $150 left and was not working at the time. Another big guy like myself would be the all night host for after hours parties the happened nightly. I was burnt out and needed a change. I suggested we take off for Reno. I had heard through the grapevine that my friends' house was under surveillance and leaving town was a no brainer.
           We left that morning and arrived at the Peppermill the same evening. $150 was my total BR (bankroll) as we settled in. The first few days I just played poker, my most skillful game. I had the BR up to about $450 when I called a Keno runner to the table. I was playing for about 5 hours and the night was still young.
           About 5 or 6 years earlier I had played a Keno ticket for 8 straight hours and on a whim decided to stop playing being the new Keno runner was not as cute as the previous. This was fatefully a real bad move for the very next game all 6 numbers so painfully appeared. 3 numbers. 4 numbers, 5 numbers and then, I yelled no...! loudly as the 6th appeared. That's right my friends. The very next game. $1500 that I really needed at the time was not to be. This also happened to my mom years ago and now me. Sheash, what luck.(THE BAD)
           The evening went on and Keno was going like Keno usually does. I was playing a 6 spot special ticket. The same numbers I had played 6 years earlier. They were 1, 11, 22, 8, 9, and 19. The same club. The same numbers. There I was. The ticket, if it were to hit, would pay $90 for 5 numbers and $4444 for all 6 to come in. It was about 4:00 in the morning. I had been playing poker and Keno for about 8 or 9 hours at this time.The Keno runner stood beside me and sweated yet another ticket. Three, 4, then 5 numbers up. Upon counting down how many numbers were called, the Keno runner was going to go get my $90 win. I then noticed only 19 had been called. Holy smoke!!! At that same moment the 6th number appeared, Number 11 glowed brightly. I had won $4444.00. Yahoo! holy shit! wow! Revenge! But this story is not over.  (THE GOOD)
            Two nights later I was at the MGM as it was called at the time. I played 10 games running, The same numbers. This ticket cost $1.25 per game. If all 6 came in it would be another $2500. I ran into International Al a poker player and horse handicapper. He had a horse that he really liked and was on his way to make a bet. I joined him. While trying to decide how much to bet I thought about the Keno ticket I had ignored for so long. I gave Al $100 And said,"Bet the horse for me. $60 to win and 2 Twenty dollar exactas." I ran out into the long giant room and could hardly make out the board. As I got close enough to see, it looked like, "holy shit," there they were. All 6 numbers again. I had won another $2500. After getting my picture taken so as I could send it to my family, I went to find Al. There he was. I said, "hey I hit another Keno ticket" He said, "man you are really lucky. The horse came in too." I had won another $900.
             Another two nights passed and I was at the MGM once more. Again I played my lucky numbers and got into a 15-30 hold-em game. The Keno board was right in front of me this time. I was deeply engrossed in the game when I realized I was still playing Keno. I looked abruptly up at the board. Unbelievable! all 6 numbers again. Another $2500. I had accumulated over $10,000 in winnings in about 6 days.    (REAL GOOD)
              This was the first time in my life that I had $10,000. My options were expanded. I left Reno to go back to Oregon and maybe buy an old school bus and live the hippie dream. Babes, parties, Dead shows. Man was I disillusioned. Unfortunately I found a 1963, 36ft. International school bus that had been customized for $4000. I tried to help save a friend who was strung out and took him with me on a road trip from hell. In 6 and a half weeks I was back in Oregon with $150 to my name. What a whirlwind. But that's another story.      (THE UGLY)    
             STAY LUCKY MY FRIENDS               Wizzzmo

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  1. Great one at least you came home with the same amount you left with..lol