Monday, February 24, 2014


          Once upon a time in Brewster, N.Y. I was swimming with a group of friends at a great little swimming hole in Sodom Reservoir. There were about 7 of us enjoying the cool water just around the bend from Interstate 680. Where we were sort of not visible from passing motorists. And never had a problem before. We always went skinny dipping at this spot and my friend Flora and I decided to escape from the group and find some privacy. There was a spillway that was really flowing good that day and we were able to walk underneath the flowing water to the other side without being seen from the freeway.
          On the other side we found a nice little nook between some bushes near the small dirt service road and diddled away about an hour. We were only about 100ft. from the single green barred locked gate when I thought..., Wow! wouldn't that be a kick to hitchhike naked on the interstate. Flora was all for it so there we went. We stood proudly side by side with our thumbs outstretched. Big smiles on our faces Man, you could here breaks locking, wheels squealing, tires grabbing the pavement. They weren't stoppng. Oh no! And the look on some of their faces saying "What the f....." I thought that we'd better get back to our clothes and our friends. We had been gone too long.
            Upon approaching the spillway, that we went under on the way over. I like that, under on the way over. Nice! Thats when we noticed the cops waiting on the other side. We knew the jig was up. And hurried our way back on top of the spillway. My best friend Bob Appleholm (who I had left behind with the rest of the girls) was waiting with our clothes. I quickly through my cut-offs on. Hey! cut-offs on. That's nice too. And went to talk to the police. I was usually the spokesman for the group being I was the oldest and it was my license plate that they had checked out. I was told that they got a couple of reports that there were naked people on the highway and that they would be a lot happier if we didn't swim at this spot, because it was just too close to the highway. We happily agreed and were able to leave with just a friendly warning.
             Brewster is a place where many major good times were had. Many more stories of adventure and great escapes from them pesky cops,( that could do just about anything they wanted back then) await you my followers.
             Stay naked my friends.              Wizzzmo


  1. the names have been changed to protect the er, um innocent....

  2. I was there and naked as the day I was born. Those cops were trying hard not to laugh. Great memory!