Friday, February 28, 2014


          NO RULES    The card game born of attitude. Closing the gap between art and the competitive nature of the human race.
                                 Now finally a game  for all you rebels, rule breakers and nonconformists. A game Abby Hoffman would have loved. A game meant for passing your time freely and aimlessly without a care, The card game where your score is meaningless, Yet you score every time you play, The game that tests your imagination and heightens your creativity. Yes my friends you have entered another dimension. NO RULES   No rules, no dice, no spinners to determine your next move. The choice is yours. Let freedom ring! For you and only you hold the key.
                                  Just shuffle the deck, (or not) and maybe cut it, just to see  who's high and your on your way to a better day.    Good luck and have fun.
                                  This remarkable new tool can help you through the galactic fallout which we are experiencing at this time. The duplicating devices are carefully copying each precious card so as you and him and her and they can all have this new 47 card game. Why 47? You'll find out......... NO RULES will be available on sometime this spring.
                Live free my friends                   Wizzzmo

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