Sunday, February 23, 2014


         I, for many years had a route that I would travel. The third week of June was Weiser Idaho Old Time Fiddlers Contest and gathering. I had been attending the event for some years now and had a family of friends I would meet up with every year. WE would camp up at Manns Creek Reservoir about 10 miles out of town where we would have the coolness of water to swim in every day. Most days were 90 degrees and cooling off was a necessity
          This year would be a little different than previous ones. The Rainbow Gathering was in the mountains just outside of Counsel, Idaho. There would be a different added group of travelers passing through this year.
          So here's how I got the magic bean.
          I fell asleep in the lower parking lot closest to the water that night.The sun was hot early that morning when I opened my side doors. WoW! right in front of me, as I sit naked, is a beautiful girl standing in her birthday suit combing her hair. Her hair was past her knees. Dark and flowing. I said "good morning" in a sort of musical way. Smiling widely back she said "good morning"in the same kinda way. Thrilled by surprise I invited her into my vessel and we then proceeded to get ripped on some good ganja. We became intimate friends for the next few days.We were like two shooting stars upon colliding creating a celestial event of major proportions. The gathering was coming up quickly and she had to go to get an early spot. I understood and said I would try to find her at the gathering for I was not quite done with Weiser yet.
           This is where I was given the magic Jamaican bean, along with other trinkets she found on her trippin' around the globe. I, from my heart gave her a copper carved flute that I had cherished, and a few lessons that she received from me the previous days. Those were beautiful and memorable days. We hugged and glowed as we shot  back off into the universe.
            We never found each other at the gathering, for all it did was pour down buckets of rain. Man,... that was another adventure getting out of there. But,...   That's another story.
             Stay cozy my friends           Wizzzmo

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