Sunday, August 31, 2014


      Back in '73, the sighting and prediction of Comet Kohoutek and the promise of it's fantastic nighttime visual display, stirred up many an imagination. Mine was one of them. Me and my sidekick and best friend, Bob Appleholm were preparing to do something crazy for it's arrival. We planned to go brave the elements of winter and climb up Mt. Everett, the highest in the Berkshires, so as to observe the fantastic, predicted visual display. It was the middle of winter, but youthful spirits and nature lovers like my friend Bob and I, would not be swayed or thwarted from our quest to camp out and view this once in a lifetime event. That's at least until we found out that the mountain was covered in 6 inches of solid ice and was impossible to climb or even get close to the lean-tow where we were going to set up camp. We were highly disappointed with this outcome, so I decided to have a Comet Party at my family's house in Brewster.
       I invited all my friends from Seton College in the city and a few more friends from Brewster. The gang from Seton showed up early and we started partying in the early evening. This girl Vickie, brought some Peppermint Schnapps, which I never had indulged in, but nonetheless I joined her in finishing the whole bottle. It was still early and I was already really tanked. The news of the grand party apparently was getting around and more people were arriving from town. The upstairs part of the house was normally rented, but we were in between tenants, so the whole house was empty. The phone upstairs was not connected to it's old number, but worked nonetheless. Long distance was free and people were taking turns making calls to anywhere they wanted to. A free phone! Yahoo! The party was yet getting bigger and I was getting more and more screwed up and wasted on that sweet Schnapps. I asked my friend Bob to take care of things for me as I went to lay down for a while. I went to the back bedroom and leaned into a gentle fall. The room was spinning and I couldn't focus on anything, so I closed my eyes. That's all I remember, as the party went raging on.
        The rest of what happened that night was historical. Apparently everyone in town got the grapevine news and showed up, invited or not. I heard that there must have been well over a hundred party animals at my house when the cops arrived. My friend Bob apparently handled everything with true grit and the party disbursed without anyone getting arrested. They must have scattered like cockroaches when the fuzz arrived. It was a miracle that I, or anyone else didn't get in any trouble, being there were under aged drinkers and lots of weed and illegal drugs being consumed that evening. I slept through the biggest party I ever threw and woke up to a giant headache and a huge mess, which was in the process of being cleaned up by my good friends that next morning.                          I can only say that the comet's arrival wound up being a dud, but the historical party that manifested from this celestial event, was one for the records and will be remembered by many. I not being one of them.

         Stay thirsty my friends                 Wizzzmo

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