Sunday, August 10, 2014


      A couple score and two or three years ago, on a night something like this one. On a warm night, the night of the August full moon, just seemed like the perfect time for me and four of my cohorts to take some LSD and go do some nighttime nature tripping. One of the group claimed he knew where an old pioneer graveyard was, but you had to go across a long pasture and over one of the many pioneer erected walls that are strewn all across upstate N.Y., then into bushes taller then us to find this overgrown cemetery and it's gravestones. This sounded awesome, so we all dropped a tab of some barrel acid and got into my car to find these very old, hidden burial grounds.
      We drove towards Carmel, just about 10 miles out of Brewster. Then down some old back roads and found a place to park on the side of the road. The sky was brightly lit by the full moon and flashlights were not needed to see. The meadow was a pale grayish silver and we all started briskly walking, then running towards the stone wall in the distance. After that 1,000ft dash, we came upon a wall of placed stones. This stacked stone wall was long and surrounded the pasture we had just ran through. Now it was time to hop over the wall and start searching for whatever we could find. The LSD in our systems was flowing fast as we maneuvered over the wall one by one. The thick bushes, we were now in, made it hard to see anybody else, but we could hear each other and that was good enough, until one of the guys shouted out! " I found a grave." We all met up where Chris, who had yelled from the area of his find and were now finding a few more headstones amidst the many tall bushes. One of the dates read, that the women had died in the early 1700's and that she had been very old at the time of her passing. This made her born in the early 1600's. This was all so fascinating to me. These were some old forgotten graves that we were walking amongst, tripping our brains out on that night of the August full moon. Then.......,and this was really fucked up, this little asshole pushes over one of the gravestones! Holy shit! Everybody was freaking out over what this asshole had just done. Sacrilege! Then...there came a shrilling scream in the distance. A girls scream! We were all freaked out and what Chris had just done, but worse yet, the scream of a girl in the not so far distance, was even more frightening. We didn't know which way was up, as we went to investigate the origin of the scream. We came upon a house that was located down a steep slope and could see a screen door, from where a light was shinning and nothing much more. That's when the door abruptly opened and a man with a shotgun stood in the opening. He shouted, " Who's up there?" We were scared shitless and remained quiet and hidden, only about 100ft away, until Chris answered, " Nobody up here but us ghosts." That's when the man let his dog out. My feet were finding it hard to get traction, after all, I was running faster than Freddy Flintstone. Then, Chicky pushed me out of his way in trying to vamoose, I fell over a boulder, but was quick to get back up and scrambled back into the bushes and avoided the K-9 assault.  
        We were now back in the burial grounds again. The burial grounds that we so sacredly violated, before we heard that scream. It felt like we were trapped in a labyrinth of bushes, not knowing which way was out. When suddenly, we heard a sound. It sounded like a beeping space probe. Then, it started getting louder and louder and seemed to be coming right at us. Beep-beep..........beep....beep. We knew in our hearts we had disturbed some spirit and it was gonna get us. We were naturally confused from all the erratic steps which we had taken in our meandering about these hidden burial grounds and then the scream which lead us astray and now, we were being stalked by something unholy. Which way to go? It got more and more intense, as we got more and more confused. I then suggested that we follow the moon and eventually we will find the wall and get out of here. We hacked through the bushes with fear that the provoked spirit was gonna get us and punish us for the deeds we had done. Louder and louder and seemingly on our heels it was. The bushes started thinning and then the stone wall appeared. The sound of the beeping had gotten to the point where we were all overtaken with fear and were running for our lives. As we frantically  climbed over the wall the sound suddenly stopped. With all of us scared out of our wits, we then ran as fast as we could across that pasture and back to my car. We were all out of breath and now flying down the road at dangerous speeds, so as to get as far away from our LSD enhanced encounter with a pissed off spirit. This was very disturbing to me and my good friend Bob, who was part of this shotty posy. We were both brought up to respect the living and the dead and were both ashamed and embarrassed to be part of this disrespectful deed. 
      The gang had left and only me and Bob remained at my hideaway in Brewster. First daylight was coming on and we both were still tripping pretty heavily. We went in the backyard, which was now covered in an eerie, early morning, misty fog. We sat down in the grass, damp with dew and bubbling with life. I was in the midst of observing some microscopic worlds within and was watching life as it existed between the grass blades below me. Bob was sitting up erect with his eyes closed, feeling the millions of misty dewdrops on his cheeks. Only on LSD does one get these sensations of heightened awareness. This is the essence of life and we were experiencing some of it's fantastic rewards, right there in my backyard, on my lawn. I guess you can say we were at a high level of consciousness. That's when it came back. The disturbed spirit which we had left at the cemetery was now in my backyard. It somehow found us. The intermittent beeping sound started getting louder again. We were freaked! We decided to turn to God to help us send this spirit back to it's resting place. It was seemingly in our laps, when our thoughts of God became stronger and stronger. Within a few shattering moments of uncertainty, it was then gone. The beeping sound had disappeared from our ears. The spirit was appeased and sent back to it's grave. Bob and I were back at ease, knowing that the entity was gone from our realm of reality.
       I never to this day ever heard that sound again and hope I never do.

       Stay worthy to yourselves my friends          Wizzzmo

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