Thursday, September 4, 2014


       The other night I tried on line bowling. The site was called I kept trying to get it to work, but my computer caught a virus.
        Obama's mama's pajamas are in a dimension of contention and only zest can manifest a restful night's sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
         The Putrid Sound,  The Straights of San Juan De Puke-a. Puke on a gooey duck and twisp like a bee. The  CBD- bees. The heebie jeebies. Shake rattle and roll. Then take two of these and call me in the morning. Walk me out in the morning dew. Or don't. Be that way. 
         Are you pissed at you X? Go to and spill your heart out. People that really give a shit we be listening 24 hours a day. Get it off your chest and vent. Just do it! Now! NOW! YES NOW!!!!!!!!! YOUR PISSING ME OFF!
         The spewing spouting whales are legendary
         The giant squid will ink us
         The slimy eels will link us
         The legendary Loch Ness Monster
         The Abomitable Snow Man    
         The Triangle will sink us
         The Sphinx
         The Lynx
         This stinx
            40 winks  Good Night

       Sweet dreams my friends       Wizzzmo

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