Tuesday, August 19, 2014


      A new comic strip by WIZZZMO is coming in September. CRABS FROM OUTER SPACE, is an artful satire filled with humor pertaining to our modern day issues in the great northwest and throughout the world. Crabby Hoffman, Crab Calloway, Mini The Smoocher, Buster Crab and Lenny Crabitz, are the stars amongst an array of others. Transdimensional teleportation and other theoretical phenomena are also a key in this satire.
      The legalization of marijuana in Oregon will be up for vote this November. These crabs are all for it. They have been recently decimating our cannabis crops for survival and the more we grow, the more nourishment they have for fuel, food and attitude. On their planet hemp is used for everything, but does not provide the euphoria they experience while decimating our crops. That's why they are here. To get high! But don't eat their legs or.............Hey wait! I think I'm giving too much information away.
       Like my head minion SUN-MARKO would say, (ANYWAY), keep checking in for CRABS FROM OUTER SPACE. They're gonna get right in your face.

       Don't forget to vote, come November, my friends         Wizzzmo

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