Saturday, June 28, 2014


     A neighboring undiscovered moon has been sending backwards messages to our planet for the last 48 hours. That's right Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, 48 hours. After a sudden jolt in the space and time continuum, the relocation of Jupiter's axis has drastically been altered. The intense and violent destruction has revealed a moon never known to exist.
     After deciphering these messages we have come to the conclusion that a disturbance, due to the extreme emotional discharge from our planet, has toppled the controlling power of the lights glow from within the planets surface. A sudden danger to our universe lurks in the balance of regulating good and evil. The Dark Lord has been finding new ways to gain temporary control of our most precious emotions and turn them against us. We must gather our thoughts of peace, love and tranquility. Hatred will only feed the dark forces that enable the tools of destruction to infiltrate our world. Let your mind take you to that place of solace before it is to late.
     No folks! This ain't no superhero crap. This is real.
     The tiny moon known now as Palindromiter has released this warning. " Palindromiter's exulted ruler has changed his androgenic mind yet again. Twice his countercultural greed driven sect, has divinely overridden the rights of all, to truly and with sweet denile, question what is obviously backwards.
      So for better or for reverse, you may kiss your ass goodbye if you don't take head to this warning. Mellow out. Don't be so uptight. Wave with a smile at the guy that just cut you off. Throw an apple to a homeless sign holder. Asian and Mexican women aren't that bad of drivers, as long as your brakes are working. Right? Just pay better attention when you see one behind the wheel. May these simple examples help steer you in the right direction and to a better day in the neighborhood.

       You've been fair warned, my friends         Wizzzmo

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