Thursday, June 26, 2014


     I was waiting for the sun to touch me, when you said "hello....I love you, won't you tell me your name?"
     Indian summer had come and gone, like our love.
     People are strange, but you were a wild child and I was a back door man.
     You.... The L.A. women who could light my fire and keep it burning, till the end of the night. Love me two times baby, love me twice today. Join me in my Spanish caravan, as I take you on a moonlight drive down love street.
     You make me real, but waiting for the sun to shine, is like being on board a ship of fools, who's only hope, is the cry," land ho!" There's no land. There's no light. They've been floating for a long time in their crystal ship, Fragile to the storm that would bring the end of the night to an unknown soldier. Not to touch the earth, or to see the sun, his odds of survival, five to one.
     Yes, this is the end. Though riders on the storm we weren't. I still loved her madly and when the music's over and we run for cover in the raging storm, with thunder and lightning flashing, there she will be. My eyes have seen you. I can see your face in my mind. An easy ride. My wild love, queen of the highway, on dawn's highway bleeding, amidst a crawling king snake. What a blue Sunday.
     So, awake! You angels and sailors. Curses, invocations, the world's on fire. Lament. Strange days will follow, till we brake on through to the other side. So while we're waiting for the sun, let's get our kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames. Light a fire for Jim, for we are stoned, immaculate, just waiting for the end to come.
     This is the end.
         My only friend, the end.
     I used 43 titles from the Doors song-list to complete this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

     Keep your fire lit, my friends

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