Monday, June 16, 2014


    I figured this girl was still pretty dumb, when I told her I was so happy to see her after all of these years, that I was ecstatic. She then backed off of a loving hug, thinking she was gonna get a shock if she touched me. Pretty dingy, I was disappointed, but when she turned to leave the room and I yelled to her " don't to leave the door ajar," she then yelled back," what do ya want me to leave it?" I was done with this joke of an old girl friend. After all, finding a dark spot on her past was somewhat enlightening. But that dark spot on her ass?......I don't know. Don't you love her as she's walking out the door?
     Daily blogs are like floating logs. Sometimes they just drift away, sometimes to distant shores, sometimes they open doors, the door's ajar, the jar it sits, do you know how many jelly beans it fits?
      So," rise to vote, sir."" Never odd or even"
      May your vote be cast!
      May all for one and one for all,
      be, for all and not, for one.
      So you mellow down easy, you've got to
       mellow down easy, you got to mellow down easy
        when you really want to blow your top
Just the other day I was wanting to get some concert tickets to see Steely Dan. My friend told me that they were all sold out, but that he would be able to get some tickets from a scalper. I was shocked to hear what pretentious prejudicial vomit spewed from his foul mouth. I immediately and firmly corrected him and said," they're not scalpers,.... they're called Native Americans.

    Stay happy my friends           Wizzzmo

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