Monday, June 2, 2014


     So when we last left our heroes, an amazing occurrence beyond definition, reunited two musical forces that would forever be in touch and never lose track of each other again. I traveled allot, following various poker tournaments around the country, but now every time I would be going from Oregon to Los Angeles, I'd be stopping in Santa Cruz for a few days to play marvelous music with my virtuoso friend Fingers. We'd play downtown, by the lighthouse, at various friend's houses, anywhere they would let us, we could not get enough of our natural fit. I always looked forward to our next meeting, knowing some day that we would meld our talents together and record our musical wizardry for the world to here.
     The new millennium would find me primed and ready to finally record my long awaited first CD. I had invested a large chunk of cash, in a limited liability corporation that showed much promise. I even opened up for a Save The Music fund raiser for VH1, amongst other great gigs that were centered around the Phoenix area. Things were going great, the first three months of recording found me in a new environment. I had never realized the work and precision it took to record my first tracks, but I stuck with my vision, till I lost steam with only seven guitar and vocal tracks recorded. I needed a break and took a half a year off to regain my momentum and my vision. During this time my friend Fingers and his wife Chris, were having another child and it was time to go back to Oregon, as being in Phoenix for so long was getting to me. I decided to go to Oceanside, California, and then, after a few days, work my way up the coast to Santa Cruz, where I would visit my friends and congratulate them on their newly born son.
      I leisurely took my time and was passing through Laguna Beach, when I spotted a bead store. I had been collecting old rare trade beads and was always exploring new bead shops that I had never been to. So like a pirate seeking treasure, I pulled my ship off the road, to see what delights awaited me and my crew. I was traveling with my dog friend, Kid, who also was wanting to stop for her own reasons. I ravaged the trade bead case and found many rare and unusual beads, some being highly collectible, 400-500 year old specimens of chevrons. Chevrons, that had been formed and designed, mainly by the Dutch and Italians, hundreds of years ago. I made a fairly large purchase, so as to add these rare treasures to my booty, but it was now time to get back on the road.
      I stood outside for awhile and was noticing how the hillside reminded me of this reoccurring dream that I often had. The plush green landscape and the one story houses, all lined up on top of each other, was just like a dream that I had dreamed many times. I decided to follow my dream and see where it would lead me. I started going up the hillside, observing the beautiful overgrowth, just like my dream. The houses, the lush plant growth and the beautiful sunny day, made for a nice afternoon interlude, but it was time to get back to the highway and continue my trip north to see Fingers' and Chris's new son. I zigzagged through the labyrinth of alleys and small streets and was one block away from the 101north, when I came to a stop sign. I came to a full stop by a laundromat and was ready to take off, when to my left I heard someone say, " Ray!" I turned my head and to my phantasmagorical amazement, my focus unveiled my eternal, cosmic, musical counterpart, FINGERS! Words cannot describe the shock and awe that had just entered my realm of reality. "Fingers " I spoke out, with my voice cracking, from me trying to grasp at reality and make sense of this overwhelming moment. Then, what to my wondering eyes did appear. Wow! I searched my soul for some deeper and inner meaning. The numbers, the odds, the incredible journey, stopping at the bead store and then my dream, taking me up into the hills and down the alleys, only to arrive at that stop sign, at the same time that Fingers, who thought he had forgotten his keys, would then turn around and see me and say my name, of which I would then respond in overwhelming disbelief. Wow! I believe that if a zero was the size of a penny, the length of zero's, the odds to 1ratio, for this occurrence, would stretch to the moon.
       After the reality set in, I parked and we scurried inside the building where Fingers was playing with a group of musicians, who were entertaining seniors. This charitable organization that Fingers worked for, was called Young At Heart. This was one of his steady gigs, entertaining at old folks homes and bringing life and awakening memories in these beautiful elderly souls and  magically making people feel happy and young again, through the power of his music. I would have to say that this gallant and heart warming soul is truly one of our American heroes. Giving without measure gives in return.
       We went down to some great seafood restaurant and marveled at our intertwining labyrinthine like paths and their undefined crossings. We tried still to figure out a deeper and higher meaning for all of this, in which we were left stuttering and dumbfounded. First, the complete stranger, in a place that I had never been, plucking me out, like a particular grain of sand, from a haboob. Then, me following a reoccurring dream that I had, up into the hills, only to descend and arrive at a particular place, at a particular time, on the corner of anywhere U.S.A. and to be there simultaneously, when Fingers turned his head to see me and then call my name. The odds to one ratio of this occurrence would stretch" to infinity and beyond. "
        I hope you enjoyed my favorite story, keep coming back for more great stories of my extensive wanderings throughout the universe. Further tales of my adventures await you         So till next blog,   Stay thirsty my friends                              Wizzzmo

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