Tuesday, July 1, 2014


       During the third week of June, I would always have to drive across the state of Oregon to get to my destination, which was, Weiser, Idaho, for the Old Time Fiddlers contest, a yearly party gathering area for me and my friends. The hot day time temperatures would always keep me from traveling during daylight hours, so, a couple hours after sunset, I would leave my friend Bill's house in Bend and start driving into the night. I was doing a favor for this guy Pete, by taking him along with me. He was just going to the other end of the state to see his girl, where I would drop him off and then it would just be me and my co-pilot, Ryan, my first dog and traveling companion, from there on out.
       After leaving the small town of Ironside we were in a stretch of no man's land, on the night of the new moon. Man was it dark, but cooler than the daylight sun, which would have been the other alternative. I get lost in myself on these long and desolate drives and was trancing out, with my mind in a far off space, when the first mind blowing visual occurred.
       Suddenly, from about 150 feet away, appeared a colored cylinder of light, in the shape of a stage light. It was yellow and seemed to retract as quick as it appeared. I yelled to Pete! "Did you see that?" But Pete was zonked out and didn't even wake up. I shook him and in a frenzy explained what I just saw. I was hyped and he was lethargic and he conked back out. A few minutes went by and again!.... This time closer and with a reddish hue, a cylinder seemed to appear and retract, just like a tractor beam would do on Star Trek. Again, I yelled," Pete, did you see that?" He was groggy but was not gonna go back to sleep this time, I made sure of that. I was freaking out and telling him what was going on outside, when another one appeared. This one was orange and Pete was awake and now freaking out right along with me. We continued on without stopping and with eyes wide open and necks outstretched, we waited for something else to happen. The dark night brought only questions. What the heck did I just experience? Were the lights from an alien spaceship, beaming up some desert life for study? Were the lights meant for me, but they missed their target? Where were they coming from? I'll maybe never know. With great anticipation we continued on our journey, but nothing else unexplainable would happen that night. However, about thirty minutes later we would be treated with an unusual display of the Northern Lights. From far on the northern horizon, appeared a modest display, which would then pose a question in my mind. Did they, have anything to do with what I saw? The obvious answer was no, they couldn't have. What I saw was close, bright and vividly unforgettable.
         I dropped Pete off and was now ready for some kick ass music and get down partying. Weiser would again provide the party and kicking musical ass..... Well, yours truly would help with that.
        I've traveled over a million and a half land miles and this is the only time I had ever experienced this unexplainable phenomena. I've seen a lot and will be writing on more of my experiences and adventures throughout the rest of the year. I can only hope to captivate you soon, in another one of my true life stories. Till then, stay free and enjoy the adventure of life.

        Stay thirsty my friends                   Wizzzmo

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